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Me gustó un video de @YouTube TF2 - How to Get Good at TF2
@hcncrmrf Pero claro, mejor seguir lo que hizo CS:GO o TF2
@discordapp So, i want you to add cookies for TF2 Or Team Fortress 2 just do it if you want to !
tf2 nao ter sido indicado em best ongoing game eh um sacrilegio
There will be a new video out tomorrow! I'll be playing my worst class in TF2. It's gonna be pretty embarrassing.
@FJWolfgang Sigue siendo un MP, pero tampoco es muy innovador, porque es un TF2 más modernizado y con algunas noved…
I liked a @YouTube video TF2: How Much Does Resolution Actually Matter?
As a robot I like tf2
quality_tf2_hitreg.flv: via @YouTube
RT @elamhut: @danfornace @BitCakeStudio @RivalsOfAether @leoperantoni Like we did with other Game's characters such as Banner Sa…
RT @TF2teamwork: [] Website update 1.4.1! #TF2
I liked a @YouTube video TF2: Do The Liberty Launcher & Gunboats Stack?
@iKylerYT @JmeBBK No one game started it. TF2 didn't even have MT's, it had a market place which is very different
lrt is why I was so good at tf2
This month's ranking of the top 5 #TF2 YouTubers & streamers kicks off with a newcomer to our list: @spikeymikeyYT!
I liked a @YouTube video TF2: Do Left Handed Viewmodels Fire Projectiles From The Left Side?
@FloppyQuill @JmeBBK TF2 started
I liked a @YouTube video TF2 x Hotline Miami (new game I'm making) - Tech Demo
@StillNotSam First one coming to mind are the characters slowly and continuously losing their grip in Spec Ops The…
Couldn't skip around that could ya, ya precious little posey! (華麗な走りはもうやってくれないのか? 可愛い目立ちたがり屋さん!)
RT @XxCincastxX: The quality control on /r/tf2 is nonexistent so there's a 50/50 chance that this gets upvoted
@LeRuseBird This may be because of a shitty memory, but I feel like TF2 used to give out items way more often than…