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RT @AcceleraceDK: @nixi1_bot, former Chatnfly, is here in DK pitching in front of a range of expert investors to help them in their j… https://t.co/Jcv0na6eNa
"If #India’s 6 to 14-year-olds made up their own country, it would be the 7th largest in the world. In 2000, 1 in 5… https://t.co/Qu3qnEYx8I
International Organizations Join Tech Powerhouses to Fight Famine https://t.co/ySxzEbNvmp https://t.co/CqkK3YzB8z
RT @sibteali11: Chance for you to listen to Kamran Khan Bangash, a young enthusiastic politician, whose efforts to promote tech-cul… https://t.co/AYTWhqQOLf
International Organizations Join Tech Powerhouses to Fight Famine https://t.co/hP1KLxemNf https://t.co/6kW9W84Tam
Monday morning spent looking at long-term risks to mining in #DRCongo for @MaplecroftRisk. Their variation highligh… https://t.co/DjzqECOklQ
Tech run done! Fantastic job everyone :) Dress rehearsal slowly approaching. #KingAndI #TechRehearsal https://t.co/zafOA2BBqh
Our support doesn’t end with graduation. The #CodingFellowship students who graduated on Friday will be spending th… https://t.co/0bHzW0zIdF
RT @RT_kili: 自分のペースで出来ちゃうお小遣い稼ぎ ✨ スマホで簡単おこづかい稼ぎする? https://t.co/GfetyaMYjc
Would love to hear what #CCS tech advocates have to say about this. This is from a follow-up discussion on an arti… https://t.co/cJmPj4YIVo
Top 10 technical or tech. fests in India, you just cannot miss #StudyNotes #SolvedPapers #FreeProjects #ELearninghttps://t.co/UCqufF1RL9
Trump Mulls Executive Order To Investigate Big Tech https://t.co/Vc54gHS9uR https://t.co/35OBnhDOWR
Pollak to unveil new tech-based pricing strategy for used vehicles: Days on the lot is as up to date a metric as a… https://t.co/UHPa849FOE
@Mxth_NTM @_moonv_ Si j’ai bien compris ta question y’a les dut gea et tech de co qui permettent d’aller en commerce
RT @womenalia: Las #tecnologías emergentes tienen el poder de transformar el futuro profesional de las #mujeres @intel #WAT_TECH https://t.co/bzvnQ5f7hD
@amicsta Yea. Not exactly sure of timing and you may be right. But know in past lots of tech side stuff had to be done well in advance.
Tech giants set to take AI, machine learning and blockchain the cloud way https://t.co/aBvvZeBmyA
Un tessuto hi tech che può far muovere oggetti inanimati https://t.co/TzMMNaURnJ
RT @ura32aka8cf: このエロアプリ今日中にインストールしとけ 🔻 https://t.co/A71C0ytFkT このエロアプリさえ使っとけば 家から10分ですぐ会えるセフレ作れる ムラムラしてシコって、虚しくなる必要すらなくなる LINEで好み… https://t.co/ViQatKYh3n
RT @ahmedjr_16: 8 Best SQL Courses Online To Advance Your #Career https://t.co/loRevl9tTg #SQLServer #SQL #AI #DataScience… https://t.co/xqnMoTlyko
I just realized none of my friends are tech savvy 😭..what do I do with this connection Bikonuooo
WaitList.dat file secretly stores written snippets and much more https://t.co/3og3GyPypI https://t.co/qoklHjvlHR
The Markup, a tech-focused investigative news site, raises $20 million from Craigslist founder… https://t.co/UzrNX6kMBk
RT @JoseRios3: What you need to know about the major tech index changes coming Monday - Bloomberg https://t.co/7cnYr3WqG9