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Just landed back in the UK after an epic few days in Las Vegas for Capcom Cup! Was great to hang out and have some… https://t.co/VLF3ZGP10V
【SOA】スタンプの位置も変えて欲しいよな 公式でも誤爆するんだし https://t.co/T65UTV6BIq https://t.co/90mY2uvGwd
RT @jonallendc: SCOOP: Facebook's Sandberg says company takes targeting of minority voters "incredibly seriously" and is working to… https://t.co/Ko6mljNqqp
RT @rtWVSANMMBIpHRI: Fカップの女子大生 もう四つん這いで突きまくり 喘ぎ声を通り越した叫び声興奮するわ🤭 ⬇️僕みたいに女子大生とセックスしまくりたい方は このアプリほんといいですよー https://t.co/jAGknTWbkE https://t.co/9zUQY8EChu
RT @MassELITEHoops: 30 POINT CLUB!!!! @alexandre_jakai ‘19 from St Bernard’s scoring 31 points tonight against Assabet Valley Tech. Jak… https://t.co/w00qKiV3v4
RT @CNN: Russians sought to recruit 'assets' through social media, Senate told https://t.co/d6533DeQmS https://t.co/xTWExHY8tR
RT @yaf_ramo: I have a B Tech in Journalism and Media studies First with a first class! Very best at: *Digital Marketing *Conte… https://t.co/ywSDkMsaJw
"DealBook Briefing: Did Big Tech Lie to Congress About Russian Interference?" por Unknown Author via NYT https://t.co/fbMm8VN6sL
RT @Darktrace: Join today's webinar to hear from Andrew Tsonchev, Darktrace Director of Tech, as he explores bridging the trust be… https://t.co/ynPLL3UqWy
RT @MikeHudema: In Turkey they're using wind from passing busses to rotate wind vanes and #solar panels creating electricity to pow… https://t.co/MjzMKwaJDd
RT @UniYachayTech: La firma de convenio entre @PrefecturaIMB y Yachay Tech para @geoparqueIMBec incluye la participación de estudiante… https://t.co/yQR6IxICpb
SPOTTED AT THE POST OFFICE: The new 2019 @chevrolet #Blazer! 🤩 This is an RS model. SHARP!!! Not in showrooms yet.… https://t.co/PD7bUVNGHV
RT @saramagi4: Tumblr porn vanishes today Tech News, The Verge - Tech Posts https://t.co/mRjuYoqICg https://t.co/OeBtHkcmv8
RT @DiabeticCyborgg: #Facebook Escaped 2018 Largely Unscathed. Can It Ever Be Stopped? https://t.co/wCGG8QCQhW via @ringer #News… https://t.co/8bPlCWJ1Ix
RT @ProudBhagavathi: Listen to what Mr.Narayana Murthy, cofounder of tech giant, Infosys, has to say about Mr.Modi https://t.co/Cu9cG3LfjE
As a New Yorker, I’ll take the HQ2 that comes without groveling and taxpayer subsidies, please. New Google Campus… https://t.co/Sa7ULKGwVw
RT @USCyberMag: Critical Emerging Technologies to Look Out For [#Infographic via @Paula_Piccard] #InfoSec #MobileSecurity #SaaS… https://t.co/muHnyZAyav
RT @SilentNotary: Analytic tools related to the litigation process are actively developing by big companies like @LexisNexis,… https://t.co/AUrNV9ro7e
👤 Ulises Cortés | @BSC_CNS "We don't need big tech companies to save or fix our lives. We need them to simply obse… https://t.co/ReDHyVW5e7
RT @jamesrbuk: Why the Metropolitan Police needs to stop playing with facial recognition tech – by me for @NewStatesman https://t.co/avAwrXrRNY