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@realDonaldTrump PROTECT KIDS. Let Dr. Thompson of @CDCgov and Dr. Gerberding to testify about vax study. 80% kids to have autism by 2032.
RT @ericgarland: Jeff Sessions, perjury addict, is scheduled to get another fix! https://t.co/Kx5878yNBH
RT @Lewisgd: @HoodCertified Gotta testify, come up to the buffet for extra pie. https://t.co/BRWGXzljG8
@AltNatSecAgency @realDonaldTrump Testify.
RT @profcarroll: And this is before Twitter and Facebook get hauled into Congressional committees to testify. https://t.co/GYWsjJ6YD2
RT @nicolekConley: By 2019, 1/2 of #ATX tax💲will go to state. #txlege @AISDSupt @DonnaHowardTX @RepMaryGonzalez @DanHuberty #TribFest17 https://t.co/PaqI7UAv27
No one can testify against my own experience. Belief isn't there as training wheels, God & Ascended Masters are full on fact. This is faith.
I hate waiting but I am not punctual... @AniGray can testify 😂 https://t.co/oD2PyFI08U
@ilanagain But you can watch me eg testify Obama exceeded ACA authority while looking Cruz in eyes and saying I ha… https://t.co/dzNVdrxSib
RT @Sky1876Online: Jah Vinci – We Can Testify – September 2017 https://t.co/AsgWDj81cw via @sky1876online
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Every patriotic American should be furious the Kremlin so cynically sought to divide & manipulate us on Facebook. T… https://t.co/ZlfWLgzv6z
RT @ericgarland: SaysWho Cohen found out that if you screw with Senate Intel, your next meeting is UNDER OATH IN PUBLIC. https://t.co/i7smp9IRf7
RT @RCCGCityofDavid: #Pray: Father, in d remaining days of Sept, remember me,do what only You can do in my life so I'll testify in Jesus Name #DivineIntervention
RT @nicolekConley: By 2019, 1/2 of #ATX tax💲will go to state. #txlege @AISDSupt @DonnaHowardTX @RepMaryGonzalez @DanHuberty #TribFest17 https://t.co/PaqI7UAv27
He shoulda took anotha route, then she tried to testify, so we took the mother out
Kaspersky Lab chief to testify before U.S. Congress https://t.co/6b3bBhXG34
Dreams can come true.... but who can you trust your dreams with? That will stand there as a witness to testify to everything ?
@bobby_wilson1 @nick_arthurs @Jamiieee @OooahhBerardi I was a massive critic as @paulwarrick3 will testify but this… https://t.co/iZE0GSwEE2
I am listening to Future - Testify on Spotify #NowPlaying https://t.co/Pq80LWO86G
Common - Testify >>>>>
RT @Khanoisseur: Sally Yates should testify about dark foreign/Russian money that went to GOP to help maintain majority @chickylala https://t.co/6GvTE8qors
@realDonaldTrump Why R U allowing Jeff Sessions and the new FBI Dir to ignore the subpoena sent by congress 4 them 2 testify on fake dossier