@IfHillaryHad Really feel like Bill is getting his 15,000 steps in https://t.co/we5SRyQ4eh
Target & Starbucks
RT @hardball: "Did you ever hear of a chairman of the oversight committee heading to the target of the oversight? @hardballChris on @DevinNunes #Hardball
Cass/dre stans can't be mad if the six win HOH and they target her now https://t.co/YTnKSDfo7z
RT @SylvaCap: CEO of $psix "Lastly, it positions us nicely to exceed our original long-term sales target of $1 billion.” Awesome news!
I know I'm not the target audience, but I still love the hell out of #juliesgreenroom. This would have been my bag as a kid.
Mizuho Lowers Community Health Systems $CYH Price Target to $7.50 https://t.co/Luk1QdIFPR #acn
Finish Line Inc $FINL Price Target Lowered to $22.00 at FBR & Co https://t.co/yAZfYA9JA8 #acn
Mizuho Increases LifePoint Health Inc $LPNT Price Target to $62.00 https://t.co/LKpJIw9DWc #acn
RT @TeaPainUSA: Boris Epshteyn, who abruptly left the WH without comment, was the target of a 2016 FISA warrant. #TrumpRussia https://t.co/Xk4n6RScij
Tenet Healthcare Corp $THC Price Target Lowered to $18.00 at Mizuho https://t.co/RUcm7yNhg5 #acn
RT @Thomas1774Paine: John Podesta May Have Been Target Of Russian ‘Influence Campaign’ https://t.co/zW8NqCY1HE
Facing this Blunt outside of @Target...if you wanna match up or hit it come on by & honk ya horn.
Only because you & 45 want iCE to TARGET Sanctuary cities to try & Stop them! This administration is an evil slimy… https://t.co/P9sia1OwWB
RT @seanspicer: Reminder/warning - very bad experience at @Target health clinic Falls Church - #badmedicine #badservice cc @AskTarget
RT @suhocentric: baekhyun is such a menace and his fav target is junmyeon https://t.co/hVLhlgCCqE
Went to Target to buy shorts since all of mine are too loose. They didn't even sell my size in women's 🙃
@fustz tbf she was a big enough target ennit
Activists to target lawmakers who vote against net privacy rules https://t.co/0Sn88Q1IOh
Nyepi....lukis,pohon widayat.renon,drupadi,bad,target🎨
Love saving on Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer at Target. #CurelSkincare #sponsored https://t.co/YrOdhYRs12
RT @saltyone: A4 I bought a weird running shirt at @Target once for $3. For that price it's worth the frustration. #saltychat https://t.co/CQtlsznanU
RT @KateAronoff: Committing to a 2 degree target means committing to a head-on collision with the oil, gas and coal companies. There's no way around it.