@JesseFFerguson @WomenG4Hillary Ask him if we should target Dec 8, 2016 instead of waiting til 2018.
berlarilah sekencang mungkin,realisasikan lah target yg telah dicanangkan untuk hidup yg lebih baik
@target_1128 色々とポテンシャルの違いを見せつけられました
Top #socialmedia trends for 2017: videos & even tighter focus on key target audiences i.e. don´t be something bland to a large group.
@mikejulietbravo Hi Mike! We are hosting a webinar on Analytical Success with Bernard Marr. Are you free to join?… https://t.co/W0f6nSjv2P
@dcopley652 @Sargon_of_Akkad As soon as Assange realizes Trump won't pardon him either, Trump will become the target. Believe me
Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona target expected to leave Ajax https://t.co/zizYmIbnPj #football #afmobi
最終痴漢電車 TARGET COLLECTION 痴漢屋の一人として様々な痴漢能力を駆使し   各ターゲットを堕落させる事で 総数200以上のエロシナリオ 新規描き下ろしイラストによる エロアニメーションを堪能せよ! https://t.co/XUgcxqPwbB
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@target7official #바운 오늘 사인받았을때 바우니가 해준 말이 전부 다 기쁘고 감동했어요… 가슴이 벅차서 아무것도 말할수없었어요ㅠㅠ 치아키가 받고싶은 말을 잘아네요! 치아키한테도 존재의의가 있는 느낌ㅠㅠ 아 또 눈물이ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
RT @MissRBaller: The Target by me got new shopping carts. They're gorgeous.
after that - ぼくのりりっくのぼうよみ https://t.co/4qAsgvDKJr #LINEMUSIC
RT @NRAblog: A huge thanks to @SmithWessonCorp for supporting @NRA's #Women on Target program! https://t.co/NeCPjMn6On https://t.co/gM5SUC3eK8
RT @PeachyKimJin: It's upsetting that Tae is always an easy target for antis to hate on, he is such a pure & innocent person. I hope his mental state is okay.
I just look like a target right now
RT @voice4victims: #SPO will be abused by #stalkers to target #victims as another legal tool @AmberRudd_MP - this has not been thought through #abuseofprocess
RT @WORLDSTAR: ".....Here's when I hit dem folks in the locker room the other day. And this is when I hit dem folks at Target yest… https://t.co/E7IA1AItWF
RT @FinancialTimes: Israel said to target Damascus military airport https://t.co/0FOBerdnZ5
im sobbing why am i always being a target of cyber bullying
@m1r4h_ i know right me too!! Paksa tunggu ke bandar. One thing kb nada is best eastern lol. Ada me target a few books pulang sudah 🙊