Testen & TMap

Finals got me fucked up today. Literally testing from noon to 7pm today. Sos send coffee
Facebook's Testing its Own Version of Snapchat’s Custom Geofilters https://t.co/CXX86v22XF #SMM https://t.co/C7yxBTx2zi
Google is testing user ratings for movies and TV within search results https://t.co/yBSoRnCM5L
RetroSupply Tips for A/B Testing and List Growth MailChimp Email Marketing Blog https://t.co/CgqZtOJrGw https://t.co/H3fBSu7OAj
It's now been over 4 months since I first went in for the initial testing. Pardon me while I stress-eat myself out of house and home.
For this user, @HPE_ALM "helps us consolidate our efforts. All of our projects are in there." #softwaretesting https://t.co/KPtXLFaIFP
HERE WE GO! should retest all countries via @Vada_Testing https://t.co/hnFHGfEW83
RT @saucymailman: Now playing some #Hearthstone testing new decks on ladder @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchRetweetr come hang out ///… https://t.co/twl2AC6vvs
RT @DamnAddictions: when God testing your faithfulness 😂😂 https://t.co/23MPZc0s5v
RT @EDinarWorldwide: KCN: Testing of new algorithm in E-Dinar Coin https://t.co/kkbrMwmyOj #edinarcoin #edc #business #investment https://t.co/QXsFnjXvGE
Interesting: to submit to OSS-Fuzz, you can’t point at a #GitHub repo; must submit a# Docker image of the project.… https://t.co/Im1W3RjyLN
A/B Testing Basics: Confidence Level - https://t.co/DZUXWCTlal
A Testing Roadmap for Increasing Landing Page Conversions https://t.co/e17VxD4Y6S #DigitalMarketing #PPC
A Testing Roadmap for Increasing Landing Page Conversions https://t.co/u1Gnlq7MBk #DigitalMarketing #PPC
Johnson & Johnson: save their lives, stop animal testing on medicine! - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/UCGwhYI4YG via @CdnChange
y'all need to stop being so overdramatic it's really testing my patience
This is a great campaign by 23andme. Genetic testing could soon help understand transatlantic slave trade https://t.co/WnC0j9afDE #genealogy
RT @MrKovalenko: Video: #Ukraine developing & testing the brand new multi-purpose tactical unmanned combat vehicle 'Phantom' https://t.co/5J9nVhISPw
@UnrealAllan @ClarkHat And it's possible that they're ready to go today, ahead of the testing schedule, but I doubt it.
@FlippyCP @torres126CP @ThePen50gi For testing builds and code before deploying to a device for testing I imagine.
RT @poptartpete_: Today already testing my patience