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RT @Momhatescooking: Keep dogs active + feed well w/ @NaturesRecipe! https://t.co/NxgJXe5pOc #ad https://t.co/9ZmPwYgXqI
RT @miiillenium: niggas want thick girlfriends but can't afford to feed them
@AsheSchow At least feminists get to feed their blame the patriarchy fetish...
RT @jeongmilk: during the show, jm also said that the first thing jin said when the recording the previous day got delayed was "bu… https://t.co/HHnMc3xDCb
LXer: Intellectual Ventures, GNU/Linux/Android/FOSS Patents, and the Ascent of European Patent https://t.co/kSj0P3tcd4
RT @x_uns: Funny this racist suddenly talking about Gaga the day Gaga released a Documentary. Ugh Taylor Swift should feed he… https://t.co/cNWlnTg356
They look very similar to monarch, but they feed on milkweed. These look ready to start their cocoons… https://t.co/FVFRYBWH8S
RT @IjeomaOluo: I want your violent hatred and bigotry to cost you your comfort, your privilege, your ability to feed your family.
@Johnpdca @PGutierrez630 30 million aid to feed a lot of hungry Americans repair in that state of California
Someone just feed that North Korean marshmallow man another donut so he'll shut up
RT @AskAprilcom: Sign a #prenup for #roomiegoals! https://t.co/duK9YiiMIk @CNBCMakeIt #Money #Housing #RealEstate #Relationships… https://t.co/t8o8GkFRRq
@yogabba_gabz I would have told him. "Go feed yourself then." "And I brought you into this world and I can take you out"
Adoro quando só aparece quem eu realmente quero ver no meu feed do facebook, vulgo crush
Shoutout to Gucci for thinking I'm in their target market and featuring an ad on my Instagram feed
RT @Marc_DMazing: "Exposure" won't feed my stomach, tnx.
@FoxNews @POTUS FOX BLATANTLY flooding feed with quotes from rally that make him look good. PLEASE tell me American… https://t.co/zO71GHCpNb
RT @ALT_uscis: I think @realDonaldTrump should invite Kim Jong Un to a duel, at least a pay per view boxing event. It may pay for healthcare and feed NK
Are you allowed to throw up inside your mouth a little bit just so you can feed the birds? Asking for a friend.
New Post: 09/22 PTS play test feed back https://t.co/0TTKzCDKqd
RT @neonorchid1: If it's feed a cold and starve a fever ...it should be drink the fuck out of a life.
RT @rosoidae: how to use jjk written by jk 1. once a day ask me what im doing 2. when depressed feed me banana milk 3. if i’m bor… https://t.co/rji1vMauzK
@pmacewan @NatsinNY @TheNatsBlogJoe Your twitter feed is all the entertainment I ever need! Don't ever stop!
I'm watching Fuller House #telfie @netflix #netflix @fullerhouse #fullerhouse https://t.co/z2dHiy8oo3
RT @ALT_uscis: I think @realDonaldTrump should invite Kim Jong Un to a duel, at least a pay per view boxing event. It may pay for healthcare and feed NK
RT @SofiGomezU: Vayan a mi página de FB para ver el live feed de Johnny cortándose su bello pelo porque llegamos a los 10k dólares! https://t.co/NZXfCYBBTr