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RT @5SOSLocate: I hope you guys would not think that owning an update account means it’s our “job” to just update and feed everyone… https://t.co/yRq5aoP45u
Nathalie Hart doesn’t care about ‘porn star’ tag, but she will cry over this one thing She ... https://t.co/6XML0lAPiI
RT @nijmeijerjan: #circulair #hout van 40 jaar oude deuren in de afvalbak, naar nieuwe #kozijnen strak in de lak. Mooi #circulair pr… https://t.co/stqs1JZwao
RT @contradash: in case yall ever curious what being a graphic artist is like .. all love to the labels tho y’all feed me so that’… https://t.co/ILhf1ksCKv
The real VA scandal: No will to help veterans | TheHill https://t.co/MwuYFQc7tY Shared from my Google feed
WTF! Congrats @BostonDynamics and @SoftBank, that back-flip deserves a gold medal for Atlas at the robolimpics.… https://t.co/q2LpzXvcje
#currentlyreading The Self-Driven Child by William Stixrud and Ned Johnson. Because parenting is difficult and I ca… https://t.co/QUvaRsiJPa
Alt-Con Project reports that UK GPs haven't had much success using alternatives to F2F consults. #telecareaware https://t.co/mwkDH89Xgv
Yes, Mental Health disorders are predominant in the White Males that commit these crazy crimes, BUT....What about t… https://t.co/k709rKs7cu
RT @Essential_TV: Troubling news for #WalkingDead fans -- #LaurenCohan (Maggie) has booked a pilot for ABC while contract negotiation… https://t.co/pF7DwZs9qE
Pompey's twitter feed will explode if Fleetinpot equalise man
Our UK volunteer @DwseL delivering vital food supplies for the refugees from #Congo in #Zambia. @Khalsa_Aid is work… https://t.co/lLa4K84i4L
#feedanarmy #LunchBoxOldies Sleep has to wait when you've got an army to feed. https://t.co/UFvoQNCDtr
RT @Loduv: When you drop a conservative comment in a liberal twitter feed... https://t.co/fpRBLKnNYx
RT @netflix: Tiffany Haddish will star in "Tuca & Bertie," Netflix's new animated series from the team behind "BoJack Horseman"… https://t.co/wEfdKedEgT
Great partnership and wonderful to support such an amazing organization! MD Isley's team has been fantastic, and we… https://t.co/ByaMU3Op0t
@antipodean7 I enjoy these little snippets of lore on my Twitter feed! #toptekkers
RT @kevsho9: @TeamYouTube La feed funciona con normalidad? Hay videos de otros creadores que no se publican allí o se publican tarde...