RT @Aguseze39: I was testing a new rig, and i made this @SiliMC xd Hope you like it (? https://t.co/4sOOrKHCFl
Testing my new camera on trial #canon80d 🙌🏻✨📷 with #makeup shots ✌🏻😘 Firstly on my sight is my… https://t.co/2uQ9R2YuNM
#PacDigitalSigns Facebook Advertisers Can Now Optimize Their Campaigns With Split Testing https://t.co/AfOTFmwNsC
. @maromaro96 探査はコストの支払い時に機能します。従って、不特定マナ・コストがあれば、それを墓地のカード1枚を追放することで支払うことが可能です。ただ、《奔流の機械巨人》では「マナ・コストを支払うこと無く」唱えるので、その部分では支払うべきコストがありません。
@TubeBuddy, love this: https://t.co/INWGeAgd1c. A/B testing is key. Do more of what works, subtract what doesn't.
Lelap kejap pn mimpi tgh buat testing. Bangun check ws mmg ada org nk bg kerja utk aku. Sorry offday. Hiks
RT @wongnai: #ทีมหมูกรอบล่ะว่าไง เช็ครสชาติร้านหมูกรอบเจ้าดังทั่วกรุง! วัดระดับความฟินกันแบบชิ้นต่อชิ้น อ่านเต็มๆ👉… https://t.co/yCGFPPyidh
RT @Crystal1Johnson: Arizona spent $3.6M drug testing 87k welfare recipients. They found 1 person. Criminalizing the poor is for fools https://t.co/VfhoWiat03
See no evil: US quietly drops #glyphosate testing plan citing cost benefit reasons that echo #Monsantohttps://t.co/LI5ITJfi1o
Kindly,Stop testing my patience. 😊😈😊😈😊😈😊😈😊😈😊😈😊😈
RT @CDCgov: New research highlights importance of expanding latent TB infection testing/treatment: https://t.co/SCmPjriaAu https://t.co/wIowvJnK0o
New Roadside Drug Testing Device is Being Used in California to Catch Stoned Drivers https://t.co/ewWs2JiLav https://t.co/MpvGbB6x1l
RT @presleighkate: people are really testing me today...
@adwords expanded text ads are new. If you have not had a chance to start testing them with some ad copy, best to… https://t.co/mAQDdeQj57
Facebook is testing Atlas as a measurement tool for all advertisers https://t.co/JTrTeulKkG
Get introduced to the power of #Selenium as an automation testing tool, with a demo: https://t.co/TNiYVvKclq!… https://t.co/rSi4JQ4pPS
Are you searching for someone who is responsible for design for testing, physical design services implementation?… https://t.co/n0t4UOEVh9
RT @SarcasmPage: :) I’m :) trying :) to :) be :) a :) better :) person :) but :) some :) people :) are :) testing :) me
RT @esdcloudmedia: New Kindle book: 'Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering', R Kowalski. Link: https://t.co/rBvegc4258 #websecurity #IDS #IDN
RT @SenGillibrand: The #ACA gave women the coverage they need for basic women's health services like birth control, mammograms, HPV testing.
RT @jamesemann: Testing, continuous deployment & telemetry for Microsoft Bot Framework https://t.co/24t1dm6bK8
Siri Vs. Alexa: Marriott Testing Assistants In Hotel Rooms, Will Decide Which Is Better https://t.co/Pb8TW8OMYB