RT @LiveHealthyLH: Raising awareness at @mdciac 2016 AIDS Event Featuring live painting and FREE HIV Testing & counseling.… https://t.co/34y40yGpMt
when someone's testing you but you got screenshots https://t.co/scpqQhSJW8
Information Gathering And Scanning in Penetration testing with @abhinavbom! #infosec https://t.co/PI7rfEy3xz https://t.co/oSlIJgBdZv
Game start: testing (Restricted) (2) Mission: audacity Host: japan
UMINEKO STUDIO: Testing the idle motion. 待機中のモーション。#indiedev #gamedev #aseprite #pixelart https://t.co/KMqWCfU63j https://t.co/w5hm0Xrsp2
Make: Usability Testing: How to Change a Flat https://t.co/nB6OtDpbSE https://t.co/sbkt6jzcwg
RT @StaceyDesro: All we do is prepare for war...what does testing like this do to our environment & ocean life? #Earth #environment https://t.co/4pQxDNhYic
Rimmel Cosmetics, Avon and Cover Girl: You have got to stop making “cosmetics of cruelty”! https://t.co/Hq8YlCVsP3 https://t.co/ORGpYtMGIs
Electrodiagnostic testing (electromyography and nerve conduction velocity) can objectively verify the median nerve dysfunction. #CTS
Rimmel Cosmetics, Avon and Cover Girl: You have got to stop making “cosmetics of cruelty”! https://t.co/JJQ5yabbGD https://t.co/lXqRLZ4FWP
U.S. pushes to close lead testing gaps, echoing Reuters report https://t.co/cNn7SEgQCM :Auto pickup by wikyou
Dec 4-16 FAA To Conduct GPS Interference Testing On The Southeast U.S. Coast https://t.co/tioIycVtmS
RT @JonB_954: All the hard times in your life is just the Lord testing your will to fight.
@simonbrown It helped in Modelling the system, Improve communication with Dev and relating Testing Activities to Architecture 1/3
Gods testing me, seeing if I can actually make it through all of this.
RT @Marissa_Dunning: when your girl says "bye" or "goodnight" she's basically testing you to see if ur gonna ignore it and say u wanna talk to her
@boyfriendkapoor probably he's testing you he wants to control you, today he'll ask about your makeup, tmrw will complain abt ur clothes-
@brainpicker part(2) can be varied more easily than (1), but mst recognize interdependnce of testing & sampling design
@HvrrisonLdn Same, I was just testing you… we the last of a dying breed.