Whr r the ppl who said we r blindly opposing.. R TN ppl lab rats.. U r testing medicines, hydrocarbon project in TN… https://t.co/XmaJWYIefT
He's testing my patience & imma sit on his face for him to shut up .
Life is good. Testing a few locally made brews. https://t.co/qGmMumNcqp
RT @aleemkhan_pti: Khanpur Canal Power Project Sheikhupura, costed Rs 250 M. Canal was opened for testing purposes & the whole project… https://t.co/6aWgfPpFLi
RT @SkyNewsAust: .@AlexWodak says pill testing will prevent deaths at festivals and concerts. #politicsHQ https://t.co/3De0SoQ051
RT @LekeAlder: 35. Why seek to punish a man who loves you! Think about it. What kind of testing is that? Of what?! #Letr2Jil
RT @boluxxxx: You testing her to see if she is materialistic, She testing u to see if you are stingy, devil testing both of u to see who has common sense.
RT @NATO_SPS: The @e_sicure project team is testing a first prototype of a silicon-carbide detector that will help to enhance bor… https://t.co/vNFLY5DrAK
RT @TFLN17: cheol: hey it's time to wake up jeonghan: but i didn't take my nap yet cheol: you slept for 3 days jeonghan: i was just testing the mattress
RT @KidsInventStuff: Our testing episode is now live for the Custard-firing Superhero Suit Lucy (age 7) asked us to build! #KidsInvent https://t.co/yPuTaSfPaB
Un anno fa...prototipi a manetta e l'avventura del testing nazionale!!! Che follia 😜 https://t.co/4ysh8sKd8y
Engineering Service: Start Testing with Virtual ECU Testing Environments. https://t.co/Oeq8hxOrrD https://t.co/vtocEYpic4
I'm in love with my @TRESemme box from @Influenster complimentary for testing purposes! #TRESLoveYourLook #Contest https://t.co/VdMr2q3w5J
RT @brightonedqt: Come discuss testing. Does it help children learn? Is it necessary? 14th Mar: Sallis Benney Theatre Brighton with… https://t.co/pDdXG4ZibU
RT @SkyNewsAust: #PoliticsHQ at 8pm: Does Australia need drug law reform - including the decriminalization of cannabis, pill testing & safe injecting rooms?
I avoided Purina One Sterilcat in support of End Animal Testing... https://t.co/TYZPN5vDqH
RT @mystifize: GD testing his flicking skills on riri first 🤣🤣 #KCAFavGlobalMusicStar #BIGBANG https://t.co/NrKn23JAEq
Life is really testing me. Hehe :)) You can't bring me down. Nobody can.
RT @HeIsOliverTwiXt: Stop👏🏾 testing 👏🏾Nicki 👏🏾 Minaj 👏🏾 She is the Queen. Now & for ever fucking more. This is Monster 2.0 We're not wor… https://t.co/UfPTfCYJwK
@Sustainable2050 OK with me, but better call it speculation. Science is abt. testing theory against observation. Not much is known abt. 2050
God is testing me
RT @ministryoftest: @2bittester and @DanAshby04 are speaking about the Software Testing Clinic at the next London Tester Gathering!… https://t.co/crx5OICrqC