RT @SportCorruption: Russian scrutiny is deserved, so testing every athlete is rational. Not rational = having a different testing stand… https://t.co/sjq8Efbmp1
Aggregate figures tell us little. Localisasi #sexworkers in #Indonesia often have mandatory #HIV testing. What perc… https://t.co/snKSWGiLj7
RT @AmbryGenetics: Our comprehensive TAADNext panel now offers del/dup analysis for SMAD4 & TGFB3 #genes. Learn more:… https://t.co/Qh3D5ZTOHf
RT @tedkravitz: But as Merc expected to keep power advantage all they have to do is not screw up the car. Testing starts Monday, roundup & Notebook from 9pm
@SamPura omega 458a I have a funny feeling it might be a special sauce on the master bus - still testing it out.
When your bitch ass supervisor is testing you https://t.co/ffeM4YfvbY
Still stream testing. Doubt I'll ever be able to stream here on my Elgato at this point.
RT @tbhjuststop: 😊I'm 😊trying 😊to 😊be 😊a 😊better 😊person 😊but 😊some 😊people 😊are 😊testing 😊me.
I liked a @YouTube video from @vicuna2002 https://t.co/zsXHMHraof IW Glitch Hunting! Testing Glitches After Patch
@JedediahBila ...testing....1..2...3...
RT @infinite_ammo: Would any Steam NITW players mind testing the new windows build for me on the beta branch? (in about 40-60 mins)
@Shaunybrooklyn how about getting paid testing new apps? check out my page https://t.co/MkuPAEcRqe you might like it.
sdtimes: ActiveState rebuilt the unit testing functionality to now offer additional framework support for language… https://t.co/dpSDnkINJv
“I’m so pumped for standardized testing!” Said no student EVER https://t.co/gUHUlAOEgb
RT @Fingasindabooty: AU testing went great! Should have EU carts later. If we've done business before and are interested in EU carts lat… https://t.co/hOi4n5CgqD
RT @Rabbit_2017: Instagram is really testing my patience today.... 😠 https://t.co/vtqGXYYBMp
RT @honzogonzo: testing out new capture card, and continuing my fist only nioh run https://t.co/Hbqv4Vofom
Desert Radio AZ: Material testing on State Route 89 Meath Wash Brid... https://t.co/oqudACUg4H
RT @Catpark24: Health From Within Family Chiropractic. Come Into Our Office For Initial Exam, Testing & Report Of Findings For On… https://t.co/ZrX9cUhcsJ
Testing session replication with Docker, Spring Session and Redis https://t.co/sqjYbW3Cjo
There is limitations in what we can say about the British nuclear testing that happened at Maralinga due to secrecy… https://t.co/xeF2mpjmFz
RT @ShaneHennessy: Dublin friends, I'm doing a short slot upstairs in The Stag's Head on Dame Court this Sunday at 8pm, testing out... https://t.co/xrd6JDBIZm