@Sakutian A lot of what my players and I do (when not using/testing my homebrew) comes from the Unearthed Arcana, 11/10 would reply
How is a UTS Health & Architecture project encouraging active kids? https://t.co/zk0XWeopeU #ThinkHealth #ChildHealth @2ser @f_m_brooks
@MyJames13 liability for the testing of Dr Kevin Lewis and the training of police and the misconduct of police
testing out the hashtag for class #cmn341
RT @verge: Verizon will start testing 4K streams on its Fios TV service https://t.co/rs5cgvQCzP https://t.co/JfjJqMV0tM
Uber resumes self-driving car testing after Arizona crash https://t.co/lUPd2mD7YV via @WIRED
RT @IsabellaLFiori: Makeup trends that need to die in 2017: animal testing
Refugees fill US job gaps created by drugs @CNN https://t.co/hxL7FxD9E4
@davemorford I still support 10.9 and up for the ship tracker, so I’ll keep it for testing.
Great to see @ABCNews24 focussing on #disasterscience in interview with @jcu cyclone testing station #TCDebbie
RT @AshleyKAUZ6: Love this!! STAAR testing gets underway this week in the Wichita Falls ISD too!! How do you help your kids prepare? https://t.co/3YfoePbSbi
RT @WomensHumor: You are living proof that the Lord is testing me.
Friendly reminder....STAAR testing begins tomorrow! We are required to maintain a secure testing environment,... https://t.co/t7ewUonP7B
Massa fastest as F1 preseason testing resumes in Barcelona.. Related Articles: https://t.co/SQgUSfoVR1 https://t.co/iF8crXHyW0
I really & truly think God is testing me right now
This week we are testing new technology and our new accessible screenings to get ready for our Festival opening... https://t.co/HTkfnN0iV2
RT @intellijidea: Learn how IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 improves the support for Spring Testing https://t.co/PggakBlFhi
Who in testing room B230 ?