Dual sport weather is here. . . Perhaps some "product testing" for work next week. #researchhttps://t.co/E7odLOS6mT
Blockchain tech could fight voter fraud — and these countries are testing it https://t.co/rN2vottCDS
RT @AlmightZod: Work on #Galileo Testing Camera movement and animating between them #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #gamedev #UE4 https://t.co/7kyzna2Iyh
Every time I take the ACT, someone in my testing room has Whooping Cough
RT @existentiaIly: next they could try out not testing on animals https://t.co/gojhEUzrzU
Going live for testing this new FTL stuff. Please come in if you can!! https://t.co/PLsVz2Tr9D
If you are an obstetrics nurse, you are well aware of intersex, 1 in 300 babies are sent for sex testing. Dr Megan Defranza #trpinla
RT @existentiaIly: testing on animals is lame n unnecessary
RT @existentiaIly: next they could try out not testing on animals https://t.co/gojhEUzrzU
thank god I got ACT testing out the way .. hope I did well
People testing my patience today.
@zeynep Also note, they think this might be from a country testing out cyber warfare, most likely China.
RT @JoshuaSBridges: "1 in every 300 newborns is sent for sex testing. Somehow those stories never make it to church." @MKDeFranza #TRPinLA
RT @MichelleLA22: In church we hear about God making male & female. But 1 in every 300 babies is sent for sex-testing #lgbt #intersex #NotThatSimple #TRPinLA
@GovChristie Veto the Casino Warehousing Bill drug testing, 1 1/2 hr lunch, free health care were stonewalled by Unitehere54
RT @jessefuchs: @JasonLeopold @timkaine the @TjinderSingh shoutout is really testing my vow to not be charmed by political candidates
That moment when you walk into the ACT testing room and see that most of them are from Joshua. 😂
Important and testing times for Gigi Donnaruma and Alessio Romagnoli and of course for Ch Nisar ali khan
.@CAinc’s @aruna13 on how to keep applications running by testing early, continuously https://t.co/XQTkYZ1W2a @devopsdotcom #DevOps