Lyft testing monthly passes that give carpool riders big discounts https://t.co/xJia65E7xI via @SAI @adisvila #womenleaders #womendirectors
RT @ItsMakeupHacks: This is a list of make up brands that don't use animal testing for their products 💕 https://t.co/0f2hUo39B5
RT @DesignUXUI: When you think your design works perfect but then you do user testing… https://t.co/9Vis9H9OiG
性格診断結果:快楽だけを求めてさまよう。地道な努力を全くしない。長所は、協調性に富む、妥協性が強い、いい子である。短所は、いい加減である、けじめにかける、批判力に欠ける。 https://t.co/KA3jSs0gjr #診断マッチアラーム @matchalarmから
RT @ArmorOGod: Consider it pure joy, whenever u face trials of many kinds, because u know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. -Jame 1:2
Пройдите тест, чтобы узнать, насколько вы грамотны в обращении с деньгами? Это займет у вас около 10 минут. https://t.co/JL23pTQJZ4 .
User testing vs. usability testing, do you know the difference? https://t.co/aXMK5Xb9U8
RT @CheaterVids: Testing Boyfriend GOES WRONG! MUST SEE ENDING... https://t.co/4K4vYEMzXB
RT @AtsuSHI_CRYING: 性格診断結果:仕事と遊びのバランスがよい。時間が足りなくなることも。長所は、相手に共感,同情する、世話好き、相手を受け入れる。短所は、過度に保護,干渉する、相手の自主性を損なう、相手を甘やかす。 https://t.co/DwWbns2jKX #診断マッチアラーム
RT @XArnishaPatelX: @StarPlus nw you are really testing our patience 😡 🙏🙏 when will you update on preetika and karans show #WahiPreeOnStarplus
2018 Mercedes-AMG C63 R Coupe Spied testing at the Nurburgring Nordschle... https://t.co/hBsCFfCmE0 via @YouTube
Periodic load bank testing at mission critical facilities is smart policy, read more: https://t.co/KcjvfmoBFt
RT @Ch2KTUU: Alaska's first pot testing lab won regulatory approval and opened for business today. https://t.co/0p5nhx27iW https://t.co/ddqSfvAyDd
https://t.co/z7wJ1Q2xjH Tell Victoria's Secret to Stop Testing on Animals! Plz sign: https://t.co/ujUfKuVg33
RT @XArnishaPatelX: @StarPlus nw you are really testing our patience 😡 🙏🙏 when will you update on preetika and karans show #WahiPreeOnStarplus
RT @rustybrick: Google testing slightly different green for URLs in search snippets via @Ronneh_ https://t.co/cu11J0hq5K https://t.co/2zlUblRbQE
RMG accessories testing lab to come up in Bangladesh: https://t.co/uxtzay3rg8
RMG accessory testing lab to come up in Bangladesh: https://t.co/LLN8y3FE3N
Uster Group unveils Total Testing Centre for spinning yarn: https://t.co/8ywvkbLRiJ
Standard testing of voting machines is 100 ballots with 100% accuracy...who knows after that.
RT @mikecoulson48: Rt Hon David Cameron MP: Reverse the government's decision to give the go ahead for a puppy farm in... https://t.co/XsKHVekBzV via @UKChange
Join the CA Technologies team! See our latest #job opening here: https://t.co/9LaD9VDXAC #IT #Hyderabad, Telangana #Hiring
@crossbow2112 True on the minor risk possibility. Hopefully further testing will expand on this with greater sensitivity.