Student: “Mrs. Johnson, what if I mess this test up?” Me: “I’ll love you anyway.” MAP testing is not my favorite… https://t.co/tDY1x8MoZL
RT @LoreaTurner: testing a part one clip of @Camila_Cabello “Never Be the Same, do y’all want a longer version???? 👀 https://t.co/IgloWccZGi
RT @magnetwork_io: Our Merchant Tools is in the last phase - testing. Soon available for everyone, but until then a little overview on… https://t.co/lifGZ3UhGr
Google Testing Review Snippets in Local Pack in Search Results -.
RT @theviviakay: Testing a theory: retweet if you're a white or white-presenting person and you've gone into a Starbucks and just u… https://t.co/xELATbfQrZ
@kaitlinmlk We're sorry you feel that way. Rest assured that our devs are closely monitoring all feedback and ideas… https://t.co/vR1I2FDp3i
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/mEL90NtsHi TESTING NEW EXPENSIVE $$$ MAKEUP IN ALASKA! | HIT OR MISS?!
RT @JoeBiden: Testing rape kits should & must be a national priority. I’m proud to have been interviewed for @Mariska’s… https://t.co/w5tGbmpX3Q
“Testing it at the CWS”. Only thing they were testing was how much $ they brought in. If you think it’s anything ot… https://t.co/h4kggOWXXL
@peta @chasefoster10 Be sure to always check whether products you buy are cruelty free if this cause is important t… https://t.co/styuSe7SAR
Trade tensions with U.S. testing resolve of Chinese consumers https://t.co/z1d8uWJYi0 #USA #US #USBiz
Stream is liv! Testing stream setup for a proper #GodOfWar playthrough later https://t.co/HxB4Jpzc1L
RT @mr_cosman: Beta testing the new Music Audiobook Library today. Had some takers. So far, so good! More books to record soon. https://t.co/jWN1u6v1DY
Is there mandatory drug testing for Congressional Reps & Senators? I’m thinking it might be a good idea. https://t.co/gliWxAiFK5
RT @theyloverissaa: Y’all mfs testing my patience today
Walmart employees may soon get a more lax dress code: Walmart is testing out a new dress code that allows workers t… https://t.co/LEz9kl3g0x
RT @Titleist: Have you met Spyder? How about our 100-yard, completely flat putting green? Go inside Manchester Lane, our golf bal… https://t.co/pNzFi8NXxE
RT @SFMotorsInc: Our autonomous technology is hitting the streets of Silicon Valley. With a recently-secured permit from the Califor… https://t.co/bBcbqDmV8y
RT @OhEmmeG: When are they testing out paying a livable wage? https://t.co/gNjvsbE8Ak
OCB BAJA RIBAGORZA: BV10 Súper Testing X Aniversario de Biodiversidad Virtual: del 27 de abril al 1 de mayo https://t.co/4Z3W0VWKKG
RT @tictoc: ⚡️ Blue jeans are in, face tattoos are out: Walmart is testing a new dress code #tictocnews https://t.co/blY3gFwbwS
#currency #cryptocurrency Trade tensions with U.S. testing resolve of Chinese consumers: BEIJING (Reuters) - Guo Qi… https://t.co/ph2jV7dEQY
Having a vision dysfunction as the reference shows with chronic abstinent marijuana users is a risk for driving. T… https://t.co/3iVakVnXw2
Webinar on Software Performance and Resiliency Testing (April 27): https://t.co/xfZ7pk6oIv #ibmchampion - https://t.co/mUyADS7sQf
People are really testing me today omg