Lyft’s $299 subscription plan is launching to the masses https://t.co/K2Kg7EvfDL Lyft has been testing versions of… https://t.co/Myw9Fm7XXv
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RT @KimTallBear: after too many media inquiries, here is my statement on the #ElizabethWarren DNA testing story. https://t.co/cqD8PQqI0N
RT @StefanMolyneux: The left: Race is a social construct, and has nothing to do with genetics. Also the left: Genetic testing shows th… https://t.co/ZW6sz7zR7N
RT @tataschimmy: u know this is cute and all but can't stop thinking abt how cats are born predators and the cat in the vid is most… https://t.co/W2BYl8oxrX
RT @ReneeLibby2: Kellyanne Conway thinks DNA testing is junk science but that's only because her test came back lizard.
@dwancherry @bobhallett @J_Ko__ Most chronics I know are rotted because many workplaces are already making employee… https://t.co/AySH3tqGfT
RT @radharaju18: The BIASED Courts are testing the patience and Tolerance of the Hindus https://t.co/5TkXQ44iYU
RT @Brasilmagic: Conservatives are calling DNA testing "junk science". Denying and saying it’s fake news. These bastards are a cancer to progress.
RT @Motors_images: Formula E's testing for the 2018/2019 season is underway at @CircuitValencia #FEtesting https://t.co/YXzmRDcvAz
RT @TimBurt: James 1:12 "God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation.They'll receive the crown of life promised to those who love Him."
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@elizabethforma @realDonaldTrump Watched trump on Chris Hayes. he is repulsive and disgusting. His statements made… https://t.co/RROB2xaxEe
Petroleum Testing (@ CTS 7 Chemical Engineering) https://t.co/FutaNeiUyN
Announcing Full-Funnel Testing - testing SEO and CRO at the same time | Distilled https://t.co/WSX4y09ZPZ
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@DavidKay147 @SkyNews I'm pushing seventy carry my clubs at golf? still working?fitter and quicker than some people… https://t.co/GuDFFPJnpx