New Video... Pan American Nationals 2018 Testing... Thursday 07-12-2018 . Check back for our Pan American Nationals… https://t.co/M7xB1YuLfk
RT @wonhocity: one of minhyuk’s greatest talents is testing kihyun’s patience
This nigga is testing every bit of patience I have
RT @thatjordy: I’m trying to get right with the Lord... but everyone is testing my patience today 😒 so I turned on some ‘90s music.... that usually helps!
RT @wonhocity: one of minhyuk’s greatest talents is testing kihyun’s patience
first, you like mac n cheese.. that was strike 1. and now?? you have.. night mode?? strike 2. corbyn, ur rlly t… https://t.co/qA2H4n0E41
RT @Astro_Alex: Time flies when you're having fun, and may fly even faster on the @Space_Station. See how researchers are testing m… https://t.co/cRSYd2NfzY
RT @OneMillionHouse: Cancer testing 'one-stop shop' trial begins at 10 centres in England - Sky News https://t.co/NLaf3vjUbK
RT @monaizeuk: The Monaize wallet has been tested in two rounds, read about the results and the finalists for the bounty winners o… https://t.co/7irckzFmzq
RT @InsanelyLuke: I’m psyched to announce @CJ_Oyer and my latest project: Pocket Devs! A real-time strategy RPG where you collect and… https://t.co/yajWh144tg
RT @iluvatar_402: Going LIVE in 5!! So later than I wanted to start, but none the less we be live with more @7DaystoDie playing… https://t.co/M9ztitVy7O
RT @geekyranjit: Had been testing this #LGOLEDTV the 55" C8 for the last few days have to say it has amazing picture quality! I fin… https://t.co/n6iknz1h3L
RT @AndrewArruda: "The #AI was trained to predict how toxic tens of thousands of unknown chemicals could be, based on previous animal… https://t.co/YpOzWGhaRj
@AnthonyDiComo Medical is out buying testing kits for bubonic plague.
RT @geekyranjit: Finally got the Polk magnifi Mini home theatre sound bar delivered. Will try to post it's video next week after usi… https://t.co/1uaPx75CJ5
It gives them a way to check if the program worked on that testing. Joalle is in tears because the next round of t… https://t.co/g66MuTtMDG
RT @Real_CSS_Tricks: Uncle @davatron5000 with 6 quick hits on testing with assistive technologies. https://t.co/yu98PjS3JI
RT @soldier_777: USDA: Please stop tormenting and killing kittens with taxpayers’ money! Plz sign: https://t.co/0Tes4qc5Wj https://t.co/KIk2dj2Y34
@JynxClub I seriously don't who've they've been asking or testing? Cuz Pokemon battles are in no way difficult and… https://t.co/hQFLbB4NmX
under investigation___uncertrecutt___rednu inty: gives yu n n___uyssssevig : ytni n(re) n, lytical framework thru… https://t.co/hBjSAttzaM
@Bmac0507 @PardesSeleh Nye: And why a new wave of scientists don’t want to do experiments and hypothesis testing.
RT @offbeattesting: "The unit tests suck - we need to do integration testing." "These UI tests suck - we need to do unit testing" "BDD/… https://t.co/hQlkkQrDIp
RT @h2oai: ⏰ =💰. #DriverlessAI is here to automate your time-series forecasts! Check out our blog for a step-by-step of foreca… https://t.co/aBQjKsJ3kr
😂😂another dumb bastard talking about fairytales and made up scandals, hey dumb ass, there’s this thing called googl… https://t.co/IPNZ2IFByP