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Where were they when I wanted my lowest test grade dropped? 🤔 #blackpeopletwitter https://t.co/GYfaNwPAZe
Bio final in a few minutes... I studied for a B but my test taking skills are superior and my brain got enough information in it for a A 🤓
RT @NailsPorns: *doesn't study for a test* Me: This is gonna be easy "Jess had 5 apples and ate one,how many apples are left?" Me: https://t.co/urWSvtDZpe
RT @WeightInnovate: @MothersOutFront #FixBigGasLeaks important 'test' whether public cares. CO2 rise means 450ppm CO2 🔜 if emissions tailpipes/aviation continue
RT @MolnarMarisa: When you're super confident about a test but you get a 16/32 https://t.co/uzs1DgNQk1
RT @Pakistannews: Pakistan Deep Water Container Port started test operations on Friday by accommodating the first container ship:… … https://t.co/OtQhGEX1qR
RT @Funny_Truth: Tip: If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavour when you the take the test it can help you remember.
RT @YukikoAsakura: The Russians hacked my pregnancy test. Now I'm pregnant. #RussianHackers #fakenews
LOL!!! giggles . . . I want egg nog & cookies!! <3 Lori, you are the Christmas Mouse, because you are cuddly,... https://t.co/zVk4lkxci3
Podoba mi się film NZXT Kraken X62 - test najładniejszego chłodzenia AiO w @YouTubehttps://t.co/cmoHExU7kC
do y'all ever get a number so high on a math test that you start doubting yourself so you fuck it up and then it ends up being right
TEST_LAT/LON: c2162231-cc05-443e-9e5a-0bf3c0d7637e
Ceravolo came on the scene, ran test on each shell casing and took the one away that belong to Will smith. It's obv… https://t.co/1LKqRQmeln
RT @DannyZuker: PATRIOT TEST: If you're cool with Russia meddling with our election because your candidate won, you're not a patriot. Also fuck you.
Joe Root admits England got selection wrong again for fourth India Test https://t.co/aARAuo2iMO
Dear @ACT, I feel emotionally & mentally attacked after taking your test today. Luckily, I have Christmas break to recover from such an L!
RT @Adele: I passed my driving test this morning!!! 💪🎉🎈🚗🚦
RT @IngrahamAngle: Always remember that the #NeverTrump folks were willing to lose the Court for generations to satisfy their ideologi… https://t.co/Zb5Bvwb5Am
Do people not know to do a body odor/breath test before speaking to people in public?
Célèbre Noël en regardant cette vidéo ! Jettes-y un coup d’œil ! https://t.co/a3r4u0Xjdh
82% on my pharm test & 90% on med surg! Surviving nursing school one week at a time 😁