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@REVO_APPLE また今日から気合い入れていきます😊🙏🏻
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RT @PringleJosh: Man in red sweater arrived at the Apple Store in the Rideau Centre at 9:30 Thursday morning. iPhone 7 on sale today. https://t.co/BDHho61tVt
@moist_apple better get a refill..sounds mighty painful.
Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls 1 Million Galaxy Note 7 Phones. https://t.co/Fxvr0GI491
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Por qué Apple no licenciará el chip W1 de sus AirPods - https://t.co/QeeVT5uvDr https://t.co/6x4sK8OayM
RT @jperlow: AirPods parody too funny not to share https://t.co/1wRzP18SaG