RT @manwoaspleen: Apple: here’s a homophobia emoji Gay people: https://t.co/LTFJtrmF5V
13" 2.3GHz/256GB #Apple #MacBook Pro for $1349 at B&H, $150 off. Free ship. https://t.co/hcMfVEAICC
RT @GQ_France: Le Samsung Fold coûtant 2000 euros, on peut s'attendre à prix dantesque...😱 https://t.co/aKt1AfTrm2
64GB Apple iPhone Xs Max for $929 at Gazelle. $170 off! No contract, 30-day return. #apple #iphone #iphonexsmax https://t.co/A67U8NHAUC
@Jackybabe92 Samsung is dickn Apple down right now smh They better come wit it this year and not 4 years from now
maybe u should take a little nap. want some apple sauce? ur sure throwing a hissy fit out here. https://t.co/ih4izU9t4y
The biggest field yet. No frontrunner. A divided base. Welcome to the 2020 Democratic primary. - TIME https://t.co/RUcnWSRbSZ
RT @Reuters_co_jp: 米アップル、クレジットカード発行へ ゴールドマンと共同で=WSJ https://t.co/bqCBOVGNaR
Siri, what’s my credit-card balance? Apple and Goldman Sachs are getting ready to offer a joint credit card, people… https://t.co/Kv10ty8izT
RT @aquameraw: que esmurro a Samsung deu na Apple agora meu pai https://t.co/5m1W88F3r6
RT @destinycapas: Samsung: yo Apple lemme see the hw Apple: alright just don’t make it obvious you copied Samsung: https://t.co/Sii18bYZ0g
Sheesh everything is greedy wit a 2 please dont kome for us we aint got nothin to lose https://t.co/PkyIrnuvE5
RT @BlacklistedNews: Apple's Homepod 2 and Google's Nest Guard take spying on your family to the next level https://t.co/VkxXHStgE7 https://t.co/ee3Mo6i1Q6
"In 2016, Goldman Sachs launched digital retail bank Marcus and this credit card would help turn Apple users into m… https://t.co/wH8mCaKS9J
RT @JMicCheck: Absurdity ✅ Obscure Peter quotes ✅ 🍪 Takes ✅ Samoas 🚫... joking 🙃 Guests include: • Charles Clay enthusiast ⁦… https://t.co/cdtjAnzCKj
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Dreamers. Laura is bound for the City of The Dead to rescue Sparrow from her stone prison #Fantasy #Scifi #iTunes https://t.co/Cep0rIMFsN
@pjfeinstein @heathertwit @TaylorLorenz This one for example Totsie – Baby Photo Editor by Burleigh Creative https://t.co/KACkVX0CEn
RT @Nabil_93390: Lourd mais on reste chez Apple https://t.co/PeTNGBI8rC
RT @AugustAlsina: 🤔... if the world was blind.. how many people would you impress ? // 🎶New Music 🎶 #foreverandAday EP out on all d… https://t.co/kBASbXzgOJ
RT @destinycapas: Samsung: yo Apple lemme see the hw Apple: alright just don’t make it obvious you copied Samsung: https://t.co/Sii18bYZ0g