@VZWSupport phone is due for an upgrade. Interested in IPhone 7. Will that increase my bill by the per month price?
RT @Zoella: I'm actually obsessed with the iPhone 7 plus portrait mode! The majority of my instagrams with a blurry background… https://t.co/fImJVdTYJt
RT @R_F_9: الي يبي يحمل تطبيقات البلس ++ مالك الا هالحساب .. 👇🏻 اكثر من مره اتعامل معه .. شخص اخلاق وسريع تسليم ومضمون 👍🏻… https://t.co/6f9XbYQPdz
iPhone 7 jet black en poche, si avec ma coque Adore Delano et ça on calcule pas que je suis pd je sais plus quoi faire.
RT @oujityama: モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 - / 可愛い子釣り https://t.co/0V0slUHOWA
https://t.co/Xw9jAiZqJw! 「恋ダンス」未公開ロングverも公開?! - AppBank https://t.co/uaOn32tLWB
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Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump Endorses His Violent Antidrug Campaign, via @nytimes https://t.co/Wl0Z7J8KRH
RT @micuentave: Padre, no me aguarde en la era. Madre quiere que vaya al pozo a por agua para su aseo y que limpie el cobertizo. *Enviado desde mi iPhone*
@Jordan_Farber10 you wanna win a free iPhone or what
RT @rodger_kullmann: This Is Why You Should NEVER Set Your iPhone Date To 1 January 1970 https://t.co/6UyPVozK81
我已收获 160 食物! 检查你的田地!https://t.co/c0IcJBe7Ar #iphone, #iphonegames, #gameinsight
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RT @realDonaldTrump: "@UncleBibby: @BestBergerever @realDonaldTrump here's a screenshot of my iphone. please be prez, don trump!!! http://t.co/Yt2A8KTbVf"
AIに「仕事を奪われない」働き方はある? https://t.co/yLWNGy5Dpd https://t.co/MVyKyts2N6
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