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RT @akatsuki_888: 【注意喚起】 ※拡散してもらえると嬉しいです 老若男女問わず、ガイドさん指導のもとドライスーツ着用で決められた場所以外では【流氷に乗ること】は『市町村で禁止』されるレベルです。 落ちたら死んでもおかしくありません 万が一、ロ… https://t.co/0v63vloE82
RT @gobutterflyblr: Big Time Rush iCarly Nie ma to jak statek Violetta Tajemnice domu Anubisa Tess kontra chłopaki Austin i Ally Czarod… https://t.co/qgGeJs3xcV
RT @Car01am: RT First, there was WHAM! Next, there's THEN... Find out what happened to TESS and NIA in this much awaited sequel… https://t.co/ckLV5BNNmr
Tess Montgomery Chamberlain is Swedish..apparently (26 Photos) 👩 https://t.co/QAjK9E0sUE
RT @africlandpost: White american savage who is partly a neanderthal comes to Africa and shoot down a very rare black giraffe coutrsey… https://t.co/sdtdU7Ij29
@tithenai I just started reading Tess of the Road!
c’est voué à l’échec
Seriously fuck 2018 🙄🖕🖕 the only good things that came from it were I finnally broke up with the fucking dumpster f… https://t.co/NePkO1ArZx
RT @RealKentMurphy: One of the best scenes from Bull Durham 😂😂 https://t.co/L32VPj00mh
RT @LECIEL_info: ラルカステランシエル らる栗 ファーリボンシュシュ(グレー) 本日販売分 完売いたしました #ラルク #ラルクリ
RT @lardwings: If you’re going into 2019 single it’s cuz you’re ugly. Don’t ever forget that. If you looked better you would have the person you want