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RT @alomichd: find the difference.... when u do, rt & don’t say shit lmao https://t.co/OJpV308puS
RT @Monty_Brogan69: Les japonais...ils vivent dans un autre espace temps, une sorte de monde parallèle dans lequel seulement eux ont ac… https://t.co/eg2Ul8O1CF
Good Morning. You are stronger than you know. Use today, don’t waste it.
True... But if they are annoyed with you and just want to be left alone then it's understandable. https://t.co/nWtmqvkWEi
NASA Projekt TESS - Exoplaneten Jäger: https://t.co/F8IavSGrxS via @YouTube
RT @Iubiiiiiiiiiii: Duelo a muerte entre puchi y junqui en Estremera. https://t.co/TZE6yyR6V6
RT @_mwes: Y'all really need to chill 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 https://t.co/Z08DI0cPti
@_tess_40 Cuanto tendrán guardado de lo que han robado, con el cuento chino este.
RT @Tshepo_Ranko: Lol from my experience, when a hun loves you, she develops these motherly tendencies. It’s not even about insecurit… https://t.co/tHK58WpTJh
This is the best song on Jack’s new album. https://t.co/YssheOWLfA
RT @gusto_official: \ 第1回 #最高の食レポ 選手権/ 3/27の21時よりライブ配信を実施! フォロー&この投稿をRTで抽選で1名様にお食事券1万円分をプレゼント!さらにRT数に応じて当選金額UP⬆️ 5万RTで3万円分、7万RTで5万円分… https://t.co/khUntW1tS7
RT @r_rslave: Follow & worship & obey & spoil to beautiful #Mistress Tess. @mistresstess1 https://t.co/pEHv1XUMkk… https://t.co/smewLlPNTx
@_tess_40 Pocos...para los que le quedan.
Salem, labess khoya Au bon-char, j'ai vi-sser la veste mouillée J'ai pas besoin d'montrer qu'j'suis le best ou pas… https://t.co/GUC5MUnBWi
Hemdé - Accro à la tess (clip officiel) by eol productions https://t.co/bC8QQFYugu via @YouTube
@nicky_tess Love this couple ❤
hala ate tess asar talo hahahahahahahahahaha
My Tess having a snoozy yesterday https://t.co/eFNYsErInZ
RT @Babak_1992: @TessHottenroth Dear Tess, Happy new Persian year! I greatly appreciate you! This poll tells you what most people… https://t.co/fCAcLg8xXM