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@theboylatch currently packing out alcohol in Tesco Belfast, fighting the urge to drink it instead
RT @WandyBadipe: The people at my local tesco have seen me in my many forms. From glamorous ready for a night out Wandy, to just crawled out of bed Wandy
my stomach decided to return its contents back to the world of the living. on a tesco floor in covent garden. huzzah.
as luck would have it, i was out with friends the next week. beyond drunk. we stop in a tesco's for drunk food. as i grab a sandwich, i see:
@frazerpp I've passed your feedback to the Night Manager who will speak to the team to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum. TY - Steph
This Grocery Store Has An Extra-Slow Checkout Lane For The Most Heartwarming Reason https://t.co/tAwXHQIDMB https://t.co/IqDe7tBPuc
@frazerpp Between midnight & 5am they are restricted to moving just cages with chilled items. This must be done with minimum noise. 2/3
This Grocery Store Has An Extra-Slow Checkout Lane For The Most Heartwarming Reason https://t.co/tZe4Z3499B https://t.co/6tJubu7NhK
@frazerpp I am sorry for the noise Frazer and I understand your frustration. The store has an agreement with the council about noise. 1/3
I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a 24/7 Tesco. Let alone near the cookies and or milkshake section. I shouldn't be allowed money.
https://t.co/x75csJFxwZ – Lidl končí s igelitovými taškami. Upře je lidem i Kaufland, Globus či Tesco? - Blesk.cz https://t.co/WOkKoQm1oE
What can other retailer learn from #Tesco ’s success and struggles? https://t.co/pu5VyDwVcZ https://t.co/EYa0FeSMpP
Mari berjalan ke Tesco :D
【MMDジョジョ】Love Me If You Can【モーショントレース】 (3:30) #sm30401854 https://t.co/fZ9hrlLosD ほんとにすごい…生きてる…
@lokilotus If you'd like to return them to store my colleagues will be happy to replace or refund them for you. TY - Paul. 2/2
@lokilotus Hi Alex, I'm sorry that there's a big difference between the amount of biscuit in the pots. 1/2
@DieselDragonIFD As for the video, we're unable to comment as this is currently being investigated by the police. Kind regards - Rhys 2/2
@DieselDragonIFD Hi there, our colleagues can retrieve the item. If the item is locked up however, they would need keys to the cabinet. 1/2
Weh @amirulakml_ , p beli kasut kat tesco. Kot2 jumpa jodoh ka
@EmmaPriscilla_ Hi Emma, I can certainly find out for you. I'll be back in touch when I have some information. Kind regards - Rhys
Just got back from Tesco both my mum and son are wide awake, but mum is in so much pain and looks shot at it tough