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@tesa_ushu 당요나지 웅 사야찌르 오또케 듀고가죺?
RT @NBCTheVoice: When you wave like royalty because that's what you ARE! #VoiceTop8 https://t.co/q8aHGb0ThQ
RT @Tayrrussell: 🌜💫👩🏽‍🚀👩🏽‍🚀👩🏽‍🚀💫🌛 https://t.co/oVpcTsY9Rr
RT @OnePerfectShot: Netflix announced today that they've renewed #LostInSpace for a second season. We're big fans of this new Robinson… https://t.co/F8m0sT3f4Q
RT @teambrynnc: Brynn’s song tonight is “What the World Needs Now Is Love” by Dionne Warwick!!! Don’t forget downloads don’t count… https://t.co/hA197YR5H3
RT @NBCTheVoice: It’s a hillbilly good time when @kalebleemusic and @BairdPryor take the stage. They’re singing “Hillbilly Bone/ Hil… https://t.co/gW9xJsjHiI
RT @NBCTheVoice: RT to VOTE for @kalebleemusic and @BairdPryor’s duet of “Hillbilly Bone/Hillbilly Deluxe” #KalebPryorDuet https://t.co/6YapYVMmJh
RT @RicciuP: Azealia Banks es muy tesa pero va en camino de convertirse en otra Kanye.
RT @NBCTheVoice: When the #VoiceTop8 vocals hit you liiiiiiiiike. 💯 https://t.co/SFpHhNMUg7
#9: tesa Insect Stop COMFORT Fliegengitter für Fenster/Insektenschutz mit selbstklebendem Klettband https://t.co/2wWBO6qdZG
RT @NBCVoiceSave: Remember to vote for @BrynnCartelli if you want her in the Finale! ✌️
RT @NBCTheVoice: RETWEET if the world needs love and @BrynnCartelli needs your votes! 😍#VoiceTop8 https://t.co/RbOS8SChEJ
RT @NBCVoiceSave: WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💁🏼‍♀️👏✌️@BrynnCartelli
RT @NBCTheVoice: RT to VOTE for @BrittonBuchanan and @BrynnCartelli’s duet of “FourFive Seconds/You Can’t Always Get What You Want”… https://t.co/3sJkfHTxQk
RT @NBCTheVoice: Young queen @BrynnCartelli is OWNING this take on “What The World Needs Now Is Love” by @JackieDeShannon! ❤️ #VoiceTop8
RT @DelToroIsmael: Vamos a continuar impulsando acciones y política para fomentar el cuidado de nuestra ciudad, buscando que sea más l… https://t.co/zWYLpdbijM
RT @osamabinlaccin: “You have been randomly selected Stacy” “But my name is susan” “Whatever Sharon Arms Out” https://t.co/q234vgCaC3
#اسرائیل بد، سرطان، اصلن هرچی اما ای کاش کشور ما الآن بجای لابی کردن برای برنگشتن تحریم ها اینقدر قدرتمند و تاثیرگ… https://t.co/BlFKQVVA49
This is awesome but a very interesting situation... https://t.co/DjTP5j5lmK