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Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give the world your best anyway. - Mother Teresa TANNER ForDreamTeam
RT @uranaiyamasaki: 今週の運勢を、更新しました😆 https://t.co/mc72tVDoME 誰かの笑顔の為、綺麗事かもしれないけれど、その想いを抱えている限り、運命は応援してくれると信じています😷 #占い #星占い #今週の運勢
RT @teresareasor: RT@teresareasor Book 6 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers #newrelease #suspense 2 romances 2 suspense plots… https://t.co/7HGZeo20ad
RT @idkbutmoisao: 1 semana para a minha felicidade voltar
#salerno Spiaggia di Santa Teresa, inaugurato anche il Presepe di Sabbia - LE FOTO https://t.co/PqUKtnmUxq https://t.co/O84sQtABgw
RT @FwJesus: In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa
RT @coastalliving: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier." ― Mother Teresa https://t.co/D3thoga48q
#PremioNobel Nelson mandela, luther king y la madre teresa no son nadie al lado de santos segun nuestra #PatriaBoba
RT @whatseuropinion: I know it's obvious but 37% of Eligible voters is hardly the voice of the British people Teresa. Your party has torn this country in two.
RT @repubblicait: 10 dicembre 1979 - Madre Teresa di Calcutta riceve il premio Nobel per la Pace #AccaddeOggi https://t.co/Cqc7g3lIsv
Less than $10 bucks...Now you can see what you've got under the cabinet without pulling everything out. https://t.co/6TqnUymZH0
RT @huelva24deporte: El mejor Sporting #Huelva de la campaña cierra el año visitando a un Santa Teresa en crisis https://t.co/ioupaUQzuY… https://t.co/tKeTdEGjhP
@teresedays Thanks, Teresa 😊I'm hoping she'll be a little better today ☀️
RT @HuelvaBN: El Fundación Cajasol Sporting cierra 2016 este domingo en Badajoz ante el Santa Teresa (12:00) @sportinghuelva https://t.co/7rp92WD3l6
En @elconfidencial: Errejón hace pinza frente a Iglesias con los 'anticapis' de Urbán y Teresa Rodríguez https://t.co/D3u9MWLpMD
Teresa Palmer - Photoshoot in Malibu Set Photos - July 2015 https://t.co/hw97WZgH3Z #TeresaPalmer
なかまが とらえられてしまった・・・ ひとりぼっちは さみしい・・・
@Prs241 @Snowden wow. So blatant as well. Teresa may is a gangster!
RT @vitinhayha: posso ter 1001 mensagens mas a tua vai ser sempre a primeira que vou dar mais valor
RT @PoemarioSahara: La UE debe compartir la posición de Argelia sobre la cuestión del Sáhara Occidental, Maria Teresa Gimenez Barat, PE https://t.co/F6cZQubwaj