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RT @scnfamily: Happy 102nd Sister Alice Teresa! 🎉 https://t.co/fOZzgsB4lk
@conservmillen They didn't use violence. They used their words. Conservatives and anyone who is not a Commie leftis… https://t.co/mviBtrUl0x
RT @XXXMEEZY: Signs you’re washed: 1. You rarely go out 2. Stomach can’t tolerate certain food the same 3. Your back hurts 4.… https://t.co/QFXOCjrhDd
自分の家庭の外で人々にほほえむことは、たやすいことです。あまりよく知らない人をお世話することは、実はとても易しいことなのです。あなたの家の中で毎日会っている家族を、おもいやりをもって、優しく、ほほえみを忘れずに愛し続けることはとても難しいことです。 マザー・テレサ
RT @offl_Lawrence: Hi Dear Friends and Fans..! I received “Mother Teresa award” on Mother Teresa’s 108th birthday yesterday. I’m ext… https://t.co/nf7UStEP73
RT @itsmeZaira_: Fetus vs Present 😂 #sornasaedit 😆 KimXiJam! lol https://t.co/1GEjh6KgPO
RT @scnfamily: We made it to 102 likes in honor of Sister Alice Teresa. She is 83 years professed. Do you think we can get 83 retw… https://t.co/WMIeO8lw8S
Thinking about buying Blue Glass Roll On Bottles-Set of 12? Read the latest review by Teresa J. https://t.co/HfbNL1Bx9w via @Yotpo
RT @FatosEx: Qnd eu não digitei td, mas a pessoa já visualizou uma parte e tenho q terminar a mensagem antes da pessoa responder https://t.co/tV1vgbG6MF
RT @kesavaessar: Most of the #Hindus in India dont know Who was Mother Teresa ? // She was a Missionary not a Mother. // She was the agent of Vatican....
RT @ChuxRaymond: @bjcreigh @ellievan65 First rule of Bone Saw Fight Club, you do NOT talk about Bone Saw Fight Club. Or: Never b… https://t.co/LLYgbU3X3k
Teresa Beacham talks about how working at Viamark is FUN! https://t.co/GlBKjWYsDT Are you looking for a change of… https://t.co/rWkKV3XhdZ