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RT @tenn_love0709: 【交換】あんスタ あんさんぶるスターズ クリアカード ぱしゃこれ 譲)凪砂 渉 斑 宙 颯馬 SP 創 なずな 宗2 渉 ★敬人 ★零 真 真緒 嵐 みか 友也 夏目 ★泉 ★レオ 箔押し つむぎ 紅郎 求) 同… https://t.co/DRRAs6a8Af
RT @michellemalkin: Just a reminder that Dems BOOED American victims of illegal alien crime. They don't just ignore the victims. They a… https://t.co/ALhKsFfJ4H
RT @charliekirk11: Obama: Killed hundreds of innocents with endless drone strikes Let Syria gas its citizens Oversaw the rise and e… https://t.co/PqluOtdbbq
RT @yossieweinberg: @benshapiro @MeghanMcCain and @TamikaDMallory inability to properly address the claims Meghan asked about confirmed… https://t.co/nyf5f0qPvq
@mezzo_mezzo0404 らる様 おはようございます。お世話になっております! ぜひ交換よろしくお願い致します! かしこまりました。では同梱にさせて頂きますね! お品物はこちらでよろしいでしょうか…? https://t.co/INiMcZGc4H
@Nata27Best @Tenn_Scarlett What type of squirrel is that, please?
RT @Fitz_Farseer: @Faye_Tas @benshapiro @MeghanMcCain Yeah I thought that as well. Pretty sad the audience applauded her for basicall… https://t.co/g6RCR3kHF3
RT @Lebeaucarnews: Breaking: Volkswagen to build New plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. to build electric vehicles. VW Investing $800 Millio… https://t.co/8TfMusKl2m
Of Men and Monsters by William Tenn
RT @J4Trump2020: Polls are pure BS. 80% of Americans support Trump on the wall. In fact...his popularity would be rising... not dec… https://t.co/CBgU5cscpC
RT @KNP2BP: 🚨#Texas Property Taxes hide #Illegal education costs🚨 Our taxes are astronomical & this is a part of the reason!… https://t.co/zvd0UhaZAs
RT @macco_mi: 親友から貰ったプレゼントは、ベビななちゃん達が用意してくれた最高のプレゼントでした😭🌈🎈 彼女はお姉さんにアイナナを布教してくれました。 彼女がいなければ、アイナナにも、みんなにも出会えなかったです。 とっても大切なお友達🤗💖… https://t.co/Fn9E5AXIQX
RT @hitman604: Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate: Yeah, I'm Down With Illegal Aliens Voting And dead people. https://t.co/v8h18pYPAT
RT @Cali_Tracii: I find it odd street vendors here ILLEGALLY can sell 'stuff' as long as it's not illegal 'stuff' illegal vendors do… https://t.co/SKytynSCTC
@island_tenn_ 運命ー!!???この世界を滅ぼそう
@romanesk_tenn 寒い寒い寒い寒い寒い❄
RT @macco_mi: ありがとう😭💕 私の親友のかなえちゃん! ほんとにいい子なので、みんなフォローして仲良くなってね♡♡ https://t.co/C6FUJ5i17f
RT @chuckwoolery: CONFIRMED: Islamist Group CAIR Worked with Twitter to Get Jewish Activist Laura Loomer Banned — THEN CHEERED THE NE… https://t.co/AuFbZD2IFA
RT @FredFleitz: False, @MarkWarner. I was @AmbJohnBolton 's chief of staff at NSC. Senior US officials know everything that was d… https://t.co/aVT7j7VdMd
RT @AngeleStar11: President Trump is NOT a saint, NOR is he a 'polished man', NOR is he a 'politician.' He IS an American, and he IS… https://t.co/UxZS5ruLef