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RT @GrrrGraphics: Time to start off the week with a new #BenGarrison cartoon- #StayTooned #ToonTroops -Barry -the incredible shrinki… https://t.co/245vhcSxfi
RT @RealMAGASteve: The UN: Hypocrisy at its finest. Has the UN condemned Syria = No Has the UN condemned Iran = No Has the UN conde… https://t.co/CcP9EbzQdS
RT @LadyRedWave: THIS is the #TRUTH! We must keep pushing the correct info. White House Deputy Press Secretary: Democrat Policies Pu… https://t.co/Q7KWXFXSaU
@rlittle600 @Johnpdca 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣Damn, That casts Obama in a whole New Light🤪🤪🤪 You get today's "Humor Award"!!!
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RT @DAVIDCARROLL3: My tribute to Claude Ramsey, one of #HamCo's most popular and effective elected officials. He gave Tenn. Valley fam… https://t.co/NOrYrvnlgA
にゃんの人たちだからこそ許せる行為であって他の人だと絶対無理と思う( ・_・)
相当疲れてる、 君はもう寝た方がいい https://t.co/B9ThED5HXH
@Afl3Df おはようございますどういうことですかありがとうございます(キレてる)
Here's another batch of photos from last weeks fun trip to Discovery Park in Union City, Tenn.
RT @Afl3Df: 範人くんを描いたつもり…、、、 https://t.co/PmL3XxkAHR
'Make America White Again': Tenn. congressional candidate's billboard ignites uproar https://t.co/pmz4xyIDph
@ainana_sog うん…そんな感じかな(遠い目
RT @rlittle600: @Johnpdca But but but he couldn’t of done it if Obummer had of had it set up for him. Obummer was so nice he wanted… https://t.co/Eq2Q1vputS
@9n__tenn 遅くまで起きてるんですか?
RT @SharronMWright1: @Johnpdca @rlittle600 I believe obama wanted to change the US to Muslim like himself.
@11__ama (ノ#´Д`)イタイ
RT @OneStopCountry: .(NEW 6/15) MIXTAPE - Check out our song of the week; @TippinAaron "He Believed" - https://t.co/fnwqeg13rq
RT @Johnpdca: #ObamaGate #SPYGATE The difference between someone who loves this country & someone who despises it. Everywhere u l… https://t.co/3gh3g72q4b
@ainana_sog 寝ないよ?