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RT @GinikaA: Don, Teflon. “Fraudulence." Fraudulent Boys, Teflon Don, 28 December 1995. https://t.co/RT1O016tvB
To get what you don't have, do things things you never done.
Watch PEOTUS Teflon Don take credit for this. https://t.co/f4Ya2aBi40
I want somebody to show that I really fucks with them heavy and support their dreams I don't play games in a relationship
Crazy when I want someone they're gonna want some one else
It's crazy how people don't want me because of me but watch when I go off to the military and stuff ,they're not gonna want me to go
John Gotti Frank Paul Cangemi, your gonna have to start calling me the Teflon Don... https://t.co/cdAHsQbZYD
RT @MyTPH: Whoop whoop! Less than 72hours to 2017! We are excited and cheerfully counting down to #MakeoverCrossover . Don’t miss out!
RT @bestofharley: Listen, guys! I don’t got all day! Smile and say “teflon-coated, steel- jacketed ammo!” Harley Quinn 2000 #1 https://t.co/stDvUl3xyL
RT @Debola_x: Ugh! He's so cute you don't know where to start beating him from. https://t.co/wpfBftUbSV
@voxdotcom @AweVon Teflon Don will enrich his pockets and we will all suffer. Show us your tax papers!!! Generous? Show us
RT @MGandhiPeace: What the two hands of the laborer could achieve, the capitalist would never get with all his gold and silver.
RT @GreatestQuotes: "We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey." - Kenji Miyazawa
RT @ZeusBabaAhmed: Iblees refused to make one sadja. Every Fajr we miss, we refuse to make four. May Allah forgive our shortcomings
RT @Abbati_K: Lmfao cryingggggg. Why can't Nigerians be well behaved https://t.co/WeDjIjT4q5
RT @diabolichiphop: I suggest ppl educate themselves to whats REALLY going on instead of focusing on nonsensical personal issues in politics..this is disturbing
RT @just_haliru: Read this and retweet so orders could benefit Masha Allah https://t.co/t90UKu0eg0
@Andy_Teflon_Don After a busy few days of #PL football, catch all the Boxing Day highlights here. https://t.co/15AUW1GdYZ
Teflon Don ft. Porcelan Chalet & Chris J - Nobody But You https://t.co/NmK32YNWRH #nowplaying #listenlive