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The damage is already to those children that POS in the WH. He has crossed a line. Let’s make him no longer “TEFLO… https://t.co/Pz8jmhgfJS
A. Did she get tagged team B. Shouldn’t have cheated C. I wanna stay single
RT @Texian45: Photos Of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Detention Facilities The Media Won’t Show You https://t.co/VOknzNjbCy… https://t.co/Sj3GqyjuTa
Just over heard a girl on the metro say “glad you fucked her with your small dick, your homies fucked me better anyways”
RT @aliwell_north: @campbellclaret @unitedmyheaven @peoplesvote_uk Pity we didn’t have a Peoples Vote to determine the invasion of Ira… https://t.co/rQ5F2aaUJ6
I need the hard copy of Teflon Don by Rick Ross. Album is a fucking classic.
RT @DonBower6: @dcexaminer Call now all line's are open! Call now and receive a free #MAGA hat! Call now going fast!!!! https://t.co/IKoWViw11R
RT @aliwell_north: @campbellclaret @unitedmyheaven @peoplesvote_uk Pity we didn’t have a Peoples Vote to determine the invasion of Ira… https://t.co/rQ5F2aaUJ6
RT @BandmanLillolo: Rip Teflon rip trillzee rip wopo all of dem deserved a chance to live life outside da city
RT @Diddy: I wish you all peace and so much LOVE.
RT @si_soccer: As the only black manager at the #WorldCup, Aliou Cisse is doing more than just trying to lead his nation to succes… https://t.co/8t3EDtyeDe
RT @dbongino: Peter Fonda is human filth. A pig, nothing more. https://t.co/u3HJ1Dl5vC
LOOL Typical Left Media Propaganda. https://t.co/n17pKsYlLZ
RT @DatHurdler_Theo: We just gone ignore that bird’s strength? https://t.co/lcPQFUbLPu
RT @Ink184: I don’t usually shower as I like to have a musk and this also helps me build a strong immune system. But every now… https://t.co/ntrz6f0kuY
RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: I didn’t think it was possible but @iamfonda found a way to be as disgusting as his sister Jane was when she stood… https://t.co/TEtVoMs0vz
RT @officialdaddymo: Is there a systemic check and balance method that can be implemented in Nigerian universities to curb and stop this… https://t.co/fSl7fkIu6E
RT @Valentintoth9: Rayas el teflon de la olla essen https://t.co/7086xMQO77
Omg. Trump and his cronies, the lot of them should be put in cages and have drugs administered against their will.… https://t.co/tWbdRWNQCy
Hey Teflon “President”—if you think it’s atrocity won’t “stick” you are sadly mistaken. @realDonaldTrumphttps://t.co/JBfBPPd9om
@HenDoe_ @lexdollas 😭😭 i be like that too all that damn money i’m wearing that thing as a necklace, bracelet, belt,… https://t.co/6xw0Ii9Ona