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RT @ezraklein: Two things that are true: Trump should be polling lower. His 40% reveals a GOP willing to accept the unacceptable.… https://t.co/gMonjZ4FIS
Are there people out there like me who have endured all that the left has thrown & at the point of..BRING IT! Yall… https://t.co/0zDdrpLfGD
RT @ILoveBeinBlack: Lmaooo I swear this how I be when someone breath stinks 😂💀😂💀 https://t.co/NbYyYn73RP
after me murder the father me go for the son
RT @WehliyeMohamed: Good work @alykhansatchu. You should start a Bloomberg type TV station. I will do the weather The Teflon? https://t.co/a1nbIWwLgd
@MSNBC @HillaryClinton @maddow If she keeps the focus on Trump then the attention is away from her Sge is a pro at… https://t.co/RyzE9l1Wms
@Teflon_Dibo Lmao any other man id believe them but you is a Mob
[Mixtape] Teflon Mark – All Gas No Brakes https://t.co/MafqvvkQ4u https://t.co/orIvDWKRGa
[Mixtape] Teflon Mark – All Gas No Brakes https://t.co/TdXzHjYwJw https://t.co/VsQbKq2ZQV
It’s so much to see in this world! God is truly the greatest 🙏🏾
[Mixtape] Teflon Mark – All Gas No Brakes https://t.co/gadc289Djm https://t.co/ozD3IPWas0
[Mixtape] Teflon Mark – All Gas No Brakes https://t.co/89b1tEKCbA https://t.co/hBO76mN9HM