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she is my fave yt woman ever.....after Teena Marie
Teena Marie - Lovergirl - YouTube https://t.co/Q7CniY8eyG
My Mom told me the story of how she and her bestie went to a Rick James and Teena Marie concert and they had access… https://t.co/tByjmOIKCZ
DjAlpha Centaury - Teena Marie. Square Biz
#NowPlaying Here's Looking At You by Teena Marie
Morning energy - Teena Marie Square Biz 1981 HD https://t.co/H12nvkoRLU via @YouTube
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/1Od5UWabPy RIP Teena Marie I Need Your Lovin (1981)
Teena Marie ft. Gerald Levert ~ A Rose By Any Other Name
A lot of rappers stole Teena Marie’s “Square Biz” flow ... that’s just me though. Continue hump daying!!! #humpday #wednesday
Rick James & Teena Marie - Fire and Desire https://t.co/ZzVzhFygZX
@RonaldHaygood I see. The horns very much carry the song, but the quick move on the piano is a beauty. Yes, this on… https://t.co/khefOGfuJR
"I'm going to talk about it, I'm going to talk about my love." - Teena Marie 🎼🎶🎶🎶💓
"You know I like spirituals and rock. Sarah Vaughn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Shakespeare, Maya Angelou and Nikki Giov… https://t.co/UJQjF4V5bZ
RT @SouthernGemGal: The piano introduction on Teena Marie's "Square Biz" always serves well followed by the horns. Brings that extra pep in your step. 🎼🎶🎶🎶 💃💃💃💃
RT @SouthernGemGal: Teena Marie: "Everybody get up!" Me: 💃💃💃💃💃💃
"I'm talking, square biz. I'm talking square biz to you." - Teena Marie 🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶💓
#NowPlaying Lovergirl by Teena Marie on #UrbanRadio Greatest Hits R&B https://t.co/vyqLPt9gb7
#NowPlaying Behind The Groove (Original 12 Inch Mix) by Teena Marie On https://t.co/QBMGJRvhvl https://t.co/HHKqNpvk6b
#NowPlaying Lovergirl by Teena Marie on #UrbanRadio Soul Hits Station https://t.co/JGX7wN7sFh
Teena Marie - Square Biz download the from your app store rtwefm https://t.co/m0ZI9kh0nP https://t.co/nFNjqBtrMN