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オランダのチアガール。レベル違いすぎワロタww https://t.co/ktjdUd1Mu9
🚨#NP on https://t.co/tuL1InwLQs Out On A Limb by Teena Marie 🚨 #ListenNow 👉🏾https://t.co/GWzxluZQnR 🎧😎 🎧👈🏾
Lovergirl - Teena Marie
Lewis Lymon & the Teen Chords(ルイスライモン アンド ザ ティーンコーズ) https://t.co/MOIvsH7h7N Frankie Lymon & the Teena…
Teena ♕ Thach is now following me on Twitter! https://t.co/tjTNW6hnng Thank you!!
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RT @_hibella_: Teena Marie was the shit ok
#nowplaying Teena Marie - Shangri-La, Just For You...Are you listening? :https://t.co/YGBrXkQrdv #NubianQueens #NubianKings
RT @_hibella_: Teena Marie was the shit ok
Teena Marie was the shit ok
RT @MSGTheFilm: #LohriStartsFestivals Can you guys guess?? What will be the next gift.... https://t.co/mt5UmxYX26
@Gurmeetramrahim Now please deliver our best and priceless gift on lohri....waiting waiting
@Gurmeetramrahim #LohriStartsFestivals Ur Dp is just taking my heart guru ji....u r lukng amazing
@Gurmeetramrahim #LohriStartsFestivals इन्तजार नहीं हो रहा है गुरु जी ,जल्दी भेजो।
@Gurmeetramrahim #LohriStartsFestivals बेसब्री से इंतजार कर रहे हैं गुरु जी ।
*Teena Marie low key popped it off https://t.co/bYf9Uduslx
RT @Gurmeetramrahim: #LohriStartsFestivals Guess the goody-goody gift to be delivered to you all on the holy festival of Lohri!
@aaykaa0113 あゆかちゃん、誕生日おめでとーう!🌟
Petron na si Mika Reyes....
Teena Marie Deja Vu I've Been Here Before https://t.co/inrOBtXzx5