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“we’re gonna have ourselves a TAG TEAM MATCH!” - Teddy Long https://t.co/yWWmX4ivaT
@ohHollyHell I wore dresses and long pigtails while winning NASCAR races & flying to other planets in my yard. I al… https://t.co/NbcPGKyajX
Right now, he hasn't had a haircut or bath in a long time so he looks like a fuzzy, dirty teddy bear. LOL ☺️ Not like this.
Don't miss the 90’s Block Party here @Gbocoliseum on 4/20! This concert will have you dancing all night long! Artis… https://t.co/RRzoVZ2nAB
RT @alyssabishopx: Ok twitter , i have a long lost sister whos 34 years old . she thinks our father died in a fire but that is not the… https://t.co/BmSml9zlcz
RT @SwaziDlamini: I’m absolutely privileged and favored to have you as a father. Happy Birthday Major1. I love you so much My Oracle… https://t.co/K4oF5XNY1y
Teddy Bear, Two Care Bears - Wish Bear and Rainbow Bear!  18" Long Click now https://t.co/l9fXzVxcVd https://t.co/dKfYX8M01W
RT @joannesremedy: y’all have been sleeping on lady gaga for too long and i’m sick of it https://t.co/OBzd7FYUdy
Bambam always acting for camera,if na before she go don raise that her long mouth make teddy kiss her always acting… https://t.co/iEbQlZk4rT
RT @poedamcron: How long were they staring out of that window? https://t.co/uHYojRwm4g
It’s about to be a long day 😩
Hi @LouFlynn_ted9: What makes baseball great is that there is so much room for debate. As for your point about Tedd… https://t.co/PrUi6Yd4Id
@HartshipJ @taylorkothe_nfl He wasn't almost all season long. They activated him for a couple games but he didn't e… https://t.co/IrHoTzGL3f
The team of Naomi, Shelton Benjamin and Teddy Long defeats The team of Ivory, Roddy Piper and Brian Pillman via wit… https://t.co/a9eeITrMib
@NFLUK surely Case after this year Bradford can't go two minutes without an injury and Teddy has been out of it so long, he should be traded
RT @realDonaldTrump: Matt Schlapp and CPAC are getting ready for another exciting event. Big difference from those days when President O… https://t.co/KxKVJL0Bc4
@derickson Remember that this was also with an awful o line, a pre-historic Norv Turner offense catered towards AP,… https://t.co/pSSokU8HCj
Teddy Tuesday! The 100th and final teddy bear for this project will be the Parr Family from Pixars The Incredibles!… https://t.co/uZ1GI6k7mr
Shes with Teddy...u r gonna see her for so long ☹ https://t.co/jIAIu5lvD9
tbh anyone would think teddy long is behind the women's division with all the tag matches. #raw #sdlive
Paul Heyman and Apollo Crews defeats Dean Ambrose and Teddy Long via a Pedigree in a Tag Team Elimination Chamber M… https://t.co/Nz97PCaGR0
@kennedy_teddy at the age of 16, 9 months is a very long time and to claim you love someone and cheat is disgusting… https://t.co/Aodh8fP3eP
RT @BBN_Miracle: @ekiloui 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Either way, Miracle would be the Creme Brule because that dude is so cultured. You think it's by… https://t.co/7dkyfliSJ4