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Not sure how long Durbin's been in the Senate, but perhaps he might consider a "National Standard" for leaving wome… https://t.co/sigQGloUQe
RT @kirk2pi: It didn't take long for UC to score!!!! Marriage proposal was a added bonus at this years Teddy Bear Toss! @WKTV https://t.co/IQkz9JF0I9
Birthday day girl lexie_rscheer fallen asleep with her teddy after a long 8th birthday… https://t.co/cyRmiWz8Ud
I don't think keenum has the arm strength to complete any long passes here. His arm is very Teddy noodle arm like.
@That_Dude_JJ Yeah as I said, no stakes I'm all for Teddy getting in. I'm also not thinking long term here either.… https://t.co/6qYiXM8Whe
@Skorzo60 Yeah...that's it. If Case somehow gets the Vikings to the Super Bowl- nobody saw that coming except Korzo. Teddy> Case long term
@Skorzo60 Case has been really good, but Teddy is our future. I am not one of those who thinks Case is the answer at QB long term.
Went with it as long as you could coach. Teddy time
@WorIdWideHandsm He swoons at how cute he looks before shaking his head lightly with a warm smile. “Not too long,… https://t.co/qXxJXCR4SF
Mikal Bridges can touch his knees without bending over. Like his arms are so fucking long it’s unreal
RT @Abigail_Yack: Long THICK hair 💕 https://t.co/UHr32qCkry
Man, Dom Capers continues to look lost as a coordinator. One year too long, Teddy.
@14Starbars @Vikings Why? Teddy can't hit the long ball either.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/nIPSWiRJ3b Jim Cornette & Teddy Long on Sid Vicious Faking Injuries While in WCW
RT @KHAD_19: troller le tiki taka, les triangulations de Pep Guardiola et se faire baiser sur des buts de merdes HAHAHAHA what… https://t.co/WIV4Wpcn1G
@ChildOfBore " ... " Okay, he was blunt. He stared at him for a long moment, before looking away right afterwards--… https://t.co/L0A1cQ8u0G
RT @Bruh_ManFifFlo: How long you been saying this? https://t.co/K8jEqzX2kq
RT @_davieondm: @zaiamonshae That’s fine by me. As long as teddy don’t get to sing😂💀.
@zaiamonshae That’s fine by me. As long as teddy don’t get to sing😂💀.
@OrichalcosKing The love of her long lost father would be the best gift! Or a teddy bear.
@silvianrod Really? I think you're about as intimidating as a teddy bear, but maybe because I've known you for so long. 😅
@OhItsTeddy @OhItsTeddy teddy more long sleeve please
@OldTimeHardball I went with longevity. Koufax/Gibson were dominant- but not as long as Johnson. And Teddy Ballga… https://t.co/WCT7XwzNoh
long hair blowjobs teddy bear teen https://t.co/8NiQBDSs8a