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Starting off with a short disclaimer. I am so sorry I'm a big teddy bear. I barely have a bad bone in my body. Except when I ***** you. 😳
You'd think a teddy bear birthday party would be enough excitement for one day, but it's also crazy hair day in our… https://t.co/pZqHBgQD3v
RT @illiy009: She threw the teddy bear at Momo and laughing herself out..so precious https://t.co/FAh1TKTYCB
@MrsKellyPierce also heard that you were Putin's mistress and he calls you his blonde teddy bear
@RobDiesel1017 I love you too you cuddly teddy bear motherfucka!!!
I could listen to Elvis' "Teddy Bear" all day 😍😍😍
⌂✽ Gund 16" White Teddy Bear ~ Swoozie Beautiful Look U105A U105A Check It Out https://t.co/1Iq4N9c5jI https://t.co/EqEGxRTwSu
RT @joshuatbest: I was a mess afterwards but look at my mans (he's like a giant teddy bear) https://t.co/BsbRY97Ekx
If anyone needs me I'll be crying myself to sleep with my teddy bear.
Nice touch by @doubletree on arrival at their London Westminster. Not only warm cookies but a cuddly teddy bear for our 4 yr old. #nicetouch
RT @BabyAnimalsPic: I need giant teddy bear cuddles https://t.co/Dd1lJnnb7M
"... what did he do to you, Katy?" Katy got in trouble while Nano was just cuddled by her giant teddy bear for biting.
So I'll just snuggle my giant teddy bear and Lyla meow
RT @StolleryKids: We are excited to announce our 1st Teddy Bear Fun Run! Support family centred care&register today at:… https://t.co/nRGaC1PNXx
RT @pyqah___: someone give me teddy bear fr my birthday https://t.co/bilper0wIf
My giant ass teddy bear was named xander for the shits and giggles and now I realize it was a sign
Watching #Nightwatch Tampa again, I'm gonna call @TBSmith1906 Tony the Teddy Bear after he sings and hugs that poor woman.
“Storytime~!” — Literate/Descrip. — SV — Pansexual — Cuddly teddy bear — Retweet? ^-^ https://t.co/ltfn3vkngg
RT @pat221b: One of these is cute and adorable and everyone would love to have one. The other is a teddy bear. https://t.co/nHq8dcfu9L
Cheetah Run 5K; Oscar Party; Tidepooling Adventure; Winter Bar Crawl; ​Teddy Bear Concert Series: Your SoCal Weekend https://t.co/YAJcB9mZkG