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RT @iGitz_: "Nigeria please win for Messi." Argentina fans right now #NGAISL https://t.co/HsZtMWVwxn
RT @sharkymajor: I think @MajorMuzikEnt needs to release some unheard Stormin MC & Teddy Bruckshot for the fans 🎶
@mad_liberals It would be sweeter with a Teddy 🧸Bear. Kids love to be comforted by a soft stuffed animal. https://t.co/P7o9oxHMlV
RT @leeleecarby: *Motivation* The Harder the battle The sweeter the victory Your situation Is not what it seems As long as you livi… https://t.co/rt52Y3NUmZ
#nowplaying #sasha ~ Sasha | Du fängst mich ein ||| Radio TEDDY - In #Erkner auf 90.2
RT @stpeteyontweety: Me: Bet there’s a photo of Greg Norman nude arguing with a shark teddy. Karen: You’re nuts *slides photo across… https://t.co/rsUXA0yVmj
Teddy P was pursuing hard for these jawns back in ‘79. Lol https://t.co/6AqUASn4RQ
yung sa ig story ni teddy, hindi masyado halata pero nagtutulakan na don samin sa likod 😂
@catherinemep S’ok, we shall *probably* invent a new & marvellous form of air travel using gas from the rotting, unpicked strawberries.
RT @lawyerberlin: Das 12jährige Mädchen, das in einem Asylbewerberheim vergewaltigt wurde, tut mir leid. In diesem Alter stehen Mädch… https://t.co/7f4DiPvr5G
sa isang bala sampu ang naitumba 'di pa kasama yung natira sabi mo jackpot na kaya excited nakong makuha yung teddy… https://t.co/fTsqsMb0Zr
WCCS fans, this morning on Indiana in the Morning, Dave Neely talked about The Rose Inn's annual Cornhole Tournamen… https://t.co/6r2Rf4STmk
RT @TeamConfronters: +5,000 children dead or hurt and +400,000 malnourished in #Yemen says @UN . With ‘nearly every child in need of hum… https://t.co/37WKQtGLSA
RT @ScHoolBoiDave: Freddie Gibbs payin homage to the goat Teddy Pendergrass lmao https://t.co/kN01NatCGj
RT @NicanicksR: Tuwang tuwa talaga ako sa pagka Game ni Tatay, Game for the Fun!!! Kick it Tatay Teddy! 🕺🕺🕺 Lam mo na kung kanino… https://t.co/Ljz8OP8b9Y
RT @Blinkchaniinew: เจ็บปวดว่ะ ต้องเห็นคนมาต้อนลูกลงเวทีแบบนั้น เด็กๆก็พยายามแสดงต่อทั้งที่เพลงดับไปแล้ว ปิดเพลงกลางคันเพราะคนกำลังทย… https://t.co/Hd3umowBQN
RT @pritheworld: The Associated Press reports that a US ally, the United Arab Emirates, has been involved in the torture of detainee… https://t.co/YfWcbrDE3L
RT @BenedictsCross: @ChrisMurphyCT Chris, it's not just Teddy Bears. They are also taking away their rosaries. This is beyond the pale.… https://t.co/EDGkHUKqjw
RT @simokita_record: 2018年7月10日(火)下北沢BAR? CCO No Double Dip / ASUCA / Lunacco(from Teddy Dog) op19:00/st19:30 ¥2000+2D 予約》各出演者、下北沢レコード(shimo_reco@yahoo.co.jp)