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@Zhujiko eine angenehme Nachtruhe und schöne Träume!
RT @ItsGreysHumor: teddy and henry's story is one of the saddest things to ever happen on grey's anatomy, they deserved better https://t.co/pKxz8L9pYL
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/FHC2mHPjsA Minecraft - Epic Teddy Bears, Books, And Forest - BuildBattle
Minecraft Epic Teddy Bears, Books, And Forest BuildBattle: https://t.co/FHC2mHPjsA via @YouTube
@Brokenshard_ and ruler is just ruler, your above average adc, but Teddy is someone that should be really watched, dude seems like a beast
RT @ALDUBNation: Isa kang dakilang Ama, Tatay Teddy 😭 importante buo ang pamilya ~AA #DTBYPaalamNa MEGAiconicMaine
RT @ZandiFinca: Blocking people on social media isn't always "bitterness" its self-care. This is your world. You are in FULL control of who is stays & goes.
@RebelsNRedheads @FulmineIctus @QuickWittedG "Then why don't we ask him?" Charlie stands to go and grab Teddy but Severus lifts a hand to -
RT @ltsGREYSquotes: S5: George S6: Izzie S8: Lexie, Teddy S9: Mark S10: Cristina S11: Derek S12: Callie Never forget the people who made Grey's great
RT @szameja: 93. Jakies ważne wydarzenie: wydanie plyty, teledysku itp. stało sie w twoje urodziny #NeverHaveIEver
@Trillburne Last week I saw a post asking if Trump is the new Teddy Roosevelt. I fell out of my chair laughing.
RT @Anjola01: RETWEET for Plantain, like for Mr Eazi . https://t.co/wNvS0IAHI4
RT @szameja: 95. Zazdroscisz wszytskim ktorzy kiedys ich spotkali/byli na koncercie #NeverHaveIEver