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@brendonbouzard @ClaraJeffery I know, our low point, the 1960s were led by those horrible 'Kennedy guys' w/ their ww2 heroism & saving world
RT @sychazot: L'assassinat de Kennedy aussi il paraît https://t.co/Q4xs4XpK5L
RT @MemeslnHistory: Marilyn Monroe: Haaaaappy biiiiiirthdaaaay Mr. President ;) John F. Kennedy: https://t.co/wC2SNyznHt
RT @morgenwriteruk: The Rise of New Genres by children’s / non-fiction author Shaunda Kennedy Wenger. https://t.co/LyKA4fpIbi #writing #writinggenres #books
ゲーム内課金でマイルが貯まる!?ANAがiOSユーザー向け新サービス #ldnews https://t.co/5v96KOZbZq ( 'ω' )
RT @CrownMeZay: I believe in people so much & I always end up let down or disappointed
RT @sychazot: L'assassinat de Kennedy aussi il paraît https://t.co/Q4xs4XpK5L
RT @BTSGalaxyTurkey: [170322] BTS, New York'ta bulunan John F. Kennedy Havaalanına güvenle vardı ~ 🌼
RT @CrownMeZay: & then still being committed to them even after they showed me they're true colors.
@lachlan_kennedy As The Equerry has long ago dumped his Ten stock, there's no need to call me Sir... you may call me 'parder' #howdy 😜
@JeppaDT @RoyDT @WarnieDT @CalvinDT Hey fellas. Marchbank (def) or M Kennedy (fwd)?
RT @CrownMeZay: I got commitment issues.. not with me being committed, but being committed to someone who wasn't committed to me.
RT @PetrieFlom: "The Purpose of My Death: #Death, Dying, & Meaning" #Ethics @ChicagoJournals piece by Frances Kamm @Kennedy_School https://t.co/zkBHseqm9w
RT @DOPEITSDOM: Keep a DOM KENNEDY shirt in yo gym bag.
Check out my new track together with Steve Kennedy! It is out now on Soundcloud! https://t.co/63OUom3jdr
RT @TheMemeMerchant: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy just moments before his tragic assassination. (November 22,… https://t.co/MwwuDRm2T8
Common LIVE at the Kennedy Center tonight was a treat.
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If Gorsuch is telling the truth about his legal philosophy, he more closely resembles Kennedy than Scalia. Jay Michaelson My thoughts too
RT @kumparan: Cerita kawan dari @propaganjen yang mencoba bunuh diri dengan cara paling tolol sekaligus dramatis. #UserStory… https://t.co/0joKvHTcmn
There was a Kennedy family curse. https://t.co/H0ULkMM91v
@deezap04 @DuranSports in the words of Kevin Kennedy- "Hit the nail right on the head"