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神々の記 https://t.co/7DiGPJzV1j これ声優さん全員森川さんなんですよ
RT @gensenomosiro_d: ⚡やんのか、やんのかコラ 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/tr3WoinYxY
RT @taetosterone: ARMYs: BTS is so inactive, we are so bo- Namjoon: Here is the teaser of a song which is going to be in my upcoming… https://t.co/VpjxXCme3D
RT @torontopjm: RM 2 already won a daesang
RT @HoodSocialist: Chris Brown is not a legend. All of his music sounds the same. He hasn’t done anything groundbreaking musically. He… https://t.co/oCqgDDnXsJ
RT @taehyungjd_: namjoon's RM mixtape is turning 3 yo tomorrow and there's namjoon posting "RM 2" out of nowhere. he's really out t… https://t.co/brEJs3zicG
RT @joonsintellect: ok shut up because RM 2 is on progress and the king and the artist, kim namjoon aka RM, will be getting all the lov… https://t.co/v5K6NEG4pd
RT @bstwings_views: 'RM 2' is now trending at No. 6 worldwide, after RM's tweet minutes ago!! @BTS_twt https://t.co/pkmO2jBpal
RT @lukewaltham: *@BTS_twt doesn’t tweet for 3 days* ARMYs: “BTS as vitamin water flavors” “BTS as” “Ummm why are they so quiet” “W… https://t.co/vJtkhktraW
RT @btsjimin03_: So jobless armys who cried for 3 days because no one out of the 7 members is feeding them really trended RM 2 minut… https://t.co/8WQ3dr2Erz
RT @saltkath: time to hype RM 2 for the next two years without knowing when it's even coming out
@chicken_333 彼が姿表した時に埋め込まれただろうね…
@ginn_gitune 死につつ生きてるとかやばない?銀さん宿業埋められてない?大丈夫?
@chicken_333 武蔵ちゃんのお墨付きだからな!!!無事死んだぜこれで二部まで生きられる!!!!
RT @TPRJHS1909: ไปเดินตลาดซื้อข้าวให้แม่ พาน้องวัย2ขวบไปด้วย กูไปซื้อร้านไก่ย่าง แล้วน้องก็ชี้หัวใจไก่ แล้วถามว่าอันนี้คือไร กูคิดไ… https://t.co/JyX4HySY9D