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RT @ghetto: this technically isn't a reality show but it's my fav news blooper
Dear @KibbieTheGreat technically San Diego is east of Compton.
Although I am technically Ravenclaw , my heart still seems to yearn for Gryffindor , that and…
@JordanJ09730693 @PixelatedTearz fetus' rely on mothers to survive. technically don't have a life without their mother.
RT @hahajustice: The day has just begun technically and I want to jump off a bridge yay
@MrGrey_ lmao no not technically
technically ; they prob got more busy for menpa but!! still!!
@Icemanssb yeah that's a point. I know Larry's technically a top lvl player but his tendency to make bad decisions…
@__gabstuh because that's not technically true but it's almost, and thats pretty fucked up...
@drunbothered_ I still technically can't judge him. He's within his range technically. If shawty don't want him, she can't just curve
@DailyCaller Technically correct, but misses the point. Dems cried "racist wolf" while ignoring real concerns of constituents. Lost them.
I love waking her up with sensual kisses and a lustful touch. Who cares that she’s technically my sister?
The day has just begun technically and I want to jump off a bridge yay
@YungStaniel @rustlay We're part of england technically. Our flag has a dragon on it tho I have a campaign going to get it in the Union Jack
@Actual_Sheik she doesnt have a boob window!!! technically. it was that magical girl shindan
@mayarhode so while, yes, states like that are technically irrelevant, and have little weight, we wouldn't want them to not have a voice!
RT @NahuiMixtli: @oxminaox technically he's just a regular puff Cheeto. Hot Cheetos are more chingones, and he's definitely not that.
@JonCouture @gehrig38 so one could argue Curt's original tweet was technically "Fake News".
@HasslerMason well technically it's my birthday now. So thank you. 🙃
@TheDekeyserCode @Larkinsomnia No he's fine it was funny! And technically i stole it from a NHL meme page from 2 years ago when the leafs
technically im not since i did not rly buy it but still...!!!!!!
@TreBryan1 technically speaking, since he didnt clarify if he was talkign about all of them you are just making a assumption about what he
I love how this is technically the intermission for the movie
@weatikru We have them there because the peace was never won. Koreas are still technically at war. China supporting N. Korea.