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Spring break is next week which technically means it's this week
@milcom_ Hehehe. Technically you can't
@CHCmobile @Rosie @realDonaldTrump @FOXTV She didn't personally speak to him, lie is technically valid. This is the…
They don't ID me for rillos so I'm technically old enough
@OldBaconDave Technically, yes. But please tell your friend that it probably won't taste very good when it gets where it's going :D - Katie
@justinbareis it won't be free but you can come in Thursday-Sunday and I'll buy you like 2 rounds lol which is technically 4 beers
RT @catnap707: Symantecが再びGoogleの信頼を失った件についてのメモ - Technically, technophobic.
This is technically my first week at my new job! So excited!
I don't have a car, but my girlfriends technically I have 3 cars
So technically uP Diddy yimpintshi yethu nathi...
Technically you are not suppose to have "divided" Government when one party is in power. @GOP better get its act together and fast.
Symantecが再びGoogleの信頼を失った件についてのメモ - Technically, technophobic.
Technically Still not a travel, he didn't have his hand on the ball😂
well technically megatron you should be calling /me/ daddy, considering,
RT @MadBlackPoet: Black women are the most educated demographic, so technically it doesn't matter which race they choose they're still "marrying down" 😂
Dang I know I'm technically in bed sleeping but I could use a nap
RT @iamnobody2u: $LIGA - Technically ready to break .004 today or tomorrow. News today was a bonus.
Symantecが再びGoogleの信頼を失った件についてのメモ - Technically, technophobic.
Technically still the Americas so she not wrong lol
@Zani_QC I did the calculations technically 2 months and 2 weeks
@BlairPerkins Cloud 9 by Donnie. He makes the delivery sound easy, but technically it's a tough song. Oh, and update 1+1.
RT @iamnobody2u: $LIGA - Technically ready to break .004 today or tomorrow. News today was a bonus.
RT @MAJESST1C: oh shit TOMORROW (technically)
RT @tinadl: Technically, they still own the land. Ang naging issue lng nman sknla is ung taxes. Baka babalikan nila ung bahay n…
@prettiestthings it's almost like someone telling their sugar daddy that they're now technically legal