Tweets about a recent trend: TeamIPhone

I should have known this color BG POSTS was some WACK android shit.. 😂 damn this galaxy.. #TEAMIPHONE DON'T DO THE RAINBOW!
Finna be #teamiphone in a minute 😌
New phone, different camera, and it's not an iPhone.😔 #teamiphone #androidssuck
My dad finally got a 7 so now my whole family is #teamiphone and he is obsessed with emojis 😂😂😂 it's too adorbs !!
Guess who's #TeamiPhone now, time to throw away my trap phone 🤑
My mamas clutch as fuck. Gonna be #TeamiPhone soon enough again
I will never go back to a DROID, #TeamIphone
@mikewblades I was actually getting lipstick off my teeth but you You know that photo burst is life tho #teamiphone 😬