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@AWilkenz but do they love them falling out of the sky onto roofs..
current weather in Sunrise Manor: clear sky, 65°F 32% humidity, wind 18mph, pressure 1009mb
The story of the inner and outer struggle of a lesbian teen to save an endangered mountain.
RT @babyboozi: "I wrote Simple while looking at the stars during filming once. I saw the sky, and then I suddenly felt small." - W…
@JohnTDolan I HAD respect 4 Ted @tedkoppel123 , think he lost it when he became a "Prepper" wrote a book saying the sky is fallin #fakenews
RT @nourkhanne: Fake lights in the sky.
無料やのに美味しいし、リアルに1週間で3キロ落ちた!! マジでオススメ(`・ω・´)
#7RTで家族構成@aaaoi112 )さんのRT☺️ おばあちゃん お兄ちゃん お母さん お兄ちゃん お父さん かな ←末っ子
RT @f__nnkki_: . 🌼伊野尾が愛しいが故のキチガイ🌼 〈〈 求:濃ゆく絡める方 〉〉 . #わーーーージャニオタさんと繋がるお時間がまいりましたいっぱい繋がりましょ…
@FoxNews @DevinNunes Yea, Right, now tell me the sky is brown, w your BS
RT @SHARP_JP: きのうの「フレンズを救えないシャープ力ぅ」のくだりで、「ていうかおまえの会社がピンチのジャパリパークだろ」というリプが、いちばんシャープに響きました。がんばります。
@mufon I was seeing this bright object in the sky in the Maryland, Dc area for about a month.I finally got a pictur…
RT @SHARP_JP: 【おねがい】弊社が保有する技術や製品に、フレンズの未来を託すのはお控えください。重すぎて受け止めきれない。
More than 400 former jihadi fighters back in Britain, say security sources
RT @SLOVES1D5X: #RIPArshiya 💗😭😭❤️Please Stay Strong Malik Family❤️ A new beautiful angel is on the sky now👼❤️…
は?また散歩行きやがった 鍵開けて出てくしかねぇじゃねぇかざけんな
RT @kinkwes: you know what. im gonna say it. wes is too good to us we don't deserve him he literally fell from the sky god bles…
RT @SHARP_JP: できるなら私だってそうしたい
current weather in Henderson: clear sky, 66°F 42% humidity, wind 15mph, pressure 1010mb
If you fuck with winning, put your lighters to the sky How could I make sense when I got millions on my mind?