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RT @ghani_b: There is no place like the beach... where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky. - Umair Siddiqui #quote…
Its mannerism are eloquent. Its magestic gaze melts all above the sky as he descends with the rush of the wind nothing beats his sttength as
RT @maullarmaullar: Hewwo Games - Nowo Boy's Sky
I wish that I could fly into the sky so very high just like a dragonfly
RT @mcashmanCBE: We are all stars. Shining in a very dark sky. And we shine until daylight. And daylight will come, & in a bright sk…
RT @Nigel_Farage: Sir Teddy Taylor was one of the true eurosceptics and a deeply principled man. RIP.
RT @colorlessfeels: listen to the sky, it'll tell you what to do.
@Voiceinthe_sky 天は黙ってて!
RT @daru_dari: アプデ前
平均年齢は36.6歳と割りと高めですw 若い人は特に募集中です。#スカイグループ
here are the winners :^) #WANNAONEinSG jihoon poster: @ohmylinle sky album: @jy_imsiao pls dm me !
RT @daru_dari: iPhone史上最悪のフォントだ元に戻せってアラブ人がキレてる
#FindCorrie: New CCTV images have been released in the search for a missing RAF gunner
@Sky_Line_36 @Ag_nasu @BElias させぬわっ!
@Sky_Line_36 そうだよなぁお道具箱なんだよなぁ
RT @MarcAlmond: I'll be on Sky News around 8.30 tomorrow Morning. @SkyNews
RT @AjmeraAditya: @NagarNk @suchetadalal @logicalindianz @arunjaitley @sanjayuvacha Things aren't smooth.High inflation, sky rocketin…
@Noripu29 のりちゃーーーんヾ(´︶`♡)ノ♬☆♪ ♡(*>ω<)ω<*)ギュ~ッ♡