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Jacob: *works 7 years for Rachel* *wakes up next to Leah* Jacob:
@Jacob_Young04 I don't think the 2 best players in the draft are point guards. I also think Fultz and Thomas can play together
RT @tracobsivans: troye is a loser jacob is lit so embarrassed
It's the last time we're running comedy show Teenage Dirtbag on Saturday night. Host Jacob…
RT @thereaIbanksy: Two 13 year olds. One is praised for being disrespectful & paid for it and another is shot at for being "disrespect…
RT @SussexGal1978: @Love4Coira she certainly didn't like to hear about her and Jacob and I don't think it's because she likes Jacob herself
Listening to Pelican's game plan to keep boogie away from techs is essentially like bomb diffusing lol I love that they have it set up tho!
Some people make me laugh😂 if something really bothers you then just say something😂 you don't gotta go Anon👀
I should be the only person you try to impress..
Gotta roll a j to remember where I came from
RT @GatorsFB: #TBT - @TimTebow broke Herschel Walker’s SEC rushing touchdown record with a pair of TDs against Georgia on Oct.…
@jjmiume まぁーもう起きたから夜までがんばれ笑
younow how are you going to notify me for Jacob sartorius but not for phil
RT @SteeleComets: Good Luck to @Steele_Swimming's State Qualifers: Jake Kiska, Max Mlincek, Nathan Moore, & Sam Parker. #StateSendOff…
RT @Berunov: When Ghost Rider Jacob drives a carriage... xD
the way how @yammounisboxer fucking surprised me while i was knowing she wont be there at jacob's show in amsterdam -
RT @diana_pazos5: Happy birthday Jacob!! Get freaking lit tonight 💙💙🎉💙@Jacob_Sciarro_
When someone microwaves fish in the lunch room and you don't know who did it. Σ(゚д゚lll)