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RT @jjfernandez03: I dreamt of them having a reality show together. They went to Germany to introduce Maymay to Edward's family. Char!…
RT @Solid_BaiLona: Crush daw ni Kisses yung may salamin na may dimple. Hmm 🤔 Pwede na ba si Edward?
RT @shumad1: @_David_Edward @PatriotBeezer FFS. One could argue, they didn't go far enough (see comic).
RT @gail3009: Heaven x Edward EDVEN BetterTogether
RT @patricekhay1: Hindi ko napanood yung msg nila kisses, edward at may kay viv. Paupload naman po ng videos oh JourneyTogether MARVOREE
Mono in love EDWARD MAYA
RT @chouTZUYU_com: 161025 야구 #TWICE #트와이스 #TT #티티 #TZUYU #쯔위 야구 관람도 재밌게 해써요 🤗
I miejsce - Marek Sadowski II miejsce - Edward Sumara III miejsce - Karol Pluta #pzw #podgórze #kraków #fishing
RT @KapamilyaUnites: PBB737: Bailey and Ylona recording "Magmahal Muli" PBBLUCKY7: Edward and Maymay recording "Baliw na Baliw" #PBBTheBigMessage
RT @gucciblades: deadass looks like edward is staring at oswalds ass just saying
RT @babaengbee: Heaven - Edward - Marco - Vivoree JourneyTogether MARVOREE
@edward_mills Thank you so much! The text is taken from a petition at TNA - reference if you're interested in it is SC 8/57/2849.
Let Bella go and live her happily ever after with Edward,and put Robsten on the shelf with santa and the tooth fairy.
RT @wikileaks: Did you know? Edward Snowden on WikiLeaks. More:
RT @chouTZUYU_com: 161025 야구 #TWICE #트와이스 #TT #티티 #TZUYU #쯔위 집에 갈 때까지 예뽀요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 하루종일 쯔이바서 너무 행복해 •°(°`ㅁ´ °)°•
RT @grethelcast: Its clear Edward Love Maymay!!! kaloka..kilig much>>> @MaymayGlobalOFC @MayWardOfficial @bhellecruz77 MAYWARD De…
RT @mundifarma: Magalalaban na dina Edward, Yong & Chrstian sa Big Jump OMG EDWARD GO GO ThankYouPBB ForMAYWARD
RT @kk04livelove: First real life date pala ni kisses si edward. Naks naman! KISSWARD halLOVEween
RT @MornyMorny22: @Lovemebabe14 @chloeposada01 hahahah galing ni maymay..sadako daw sabi ni edward diyan..😂😂😂 ThankYouPBBForMAYWARD
RT @PBBabscbn: Abangan ang "Baliw" recording nina Edward and MayMay mamaya sa Kapamilya Gold #PBBThe3rdFlag
RT @babaengbee: Heaven - Edward - Marco - Vivoree JourneyTogether MARVOREE