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RT @HPrettyFaith: Aba @Barber_Edward_ , may pa sign of the cross ka pa 😂. Kinilig c @MarydaleEntrat5 Tnx @luckymanzano sa paglayag n…
RT @PNEBatangasChap: We will be having tagline for Edward later :)) Hope you'll cooperate! Danke ❤
RT @joan_magno3: @manuudale Edward and daddy gilbert. Ayeeh. 💖😍💕 Chinicheer pa ni ed si kween @delavinkisses wala lang masaya . 😂😍
cut the bullshit I'm Edward w the scissors
RT @mbchavez86: EDWARD:"She's manlier than me." Ehh,si Moymoy yan ehh!😁 Yung laitan na nauwi sa seryosohan. #MAYWARDKiligOnMTWI
verve search sets iconic edward hopper masterpieces in motion -
RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks' editor Julian Assange on Russia & Snowden
RT @maywardist: Good morning @Barber_Edward_ & @MarydaleEntrat5! May you be filled with joy. I can never thank you enough for the happy. I love you both! 💛🌞
RT @hmiblog: Vote for our PEI Mussels Poke for a chance to win a trip to Prince Edward Island! #PEIMusselsOnTheMenu #ad VOTE --…
RT @Brip1700: Edward asikasuhin mo yang kapareha mo wag ang kapareha ni Marydale. Jusko! 😂 *pctto #MAYWARDHeatsUpAyalaMall
Marco Rubio “advierte” a Dominicana, El Salvador y Haití por votación sobre Venezuela en OEA : “Esto no es una…
Nangingibabaw yung boses ni edward! 😍😍😍 so ever supportive @Barber_Edward_
Maj. John Edward Pine-Coffin, Mounted Infantry, Egypt,1904-1908; of Dinshaway infamy. Later w/North Lancs. Son-in-l…
RT @ahc_tv: Footage of this aerial gunner being buried at sea in 1944 is particularly solemn, and grim #HeroesMakeHistory
RT @kxrenoids: Sows, Edward. Kahit anong gawin mo, mas lalaki parin si Moymoy sayo 🙄😂
RT @clarothethird: Sana napasay ko kay sa vlog ko with Maymay. Sa susunod with Edward na 😘😘😘😘
@AForensicRiddle *i blush bright red and flail dropping my parasol* nooooo it it um it was a different edward!
RT @YoseConservancy: Wendell Berry, on our world: "To know it & to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it." 📷 Edward Chang…