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How did social media react to May's Brexit speech? Exc analysis by @impactisSocial https://t.co/IWXcFusBhO https://t.co/NjfwFnaKsJ
Travel industry responds to PM's Brexit speech: https://t.co/8mg5OzfUNT
@LBC have a good chat about Teresa Mays speech - superb although will switch off when next guy comes on so painful
Great blog on some key political culture differences driving a wedge between the EU & the UK https://t.co/qNnlRTuNrW via @ConversationUK
RT @RealDavidCarter: Sky news is Murdoch employees interviewing Murdoch employees & dressing it up as news. It's a social engineering to… https://t.co/JBV1moTVnR
RT @MalcolmFincken: https://t.co/HZXYqUTF3O Sadiq Khan is right. Could we see more stinging attacks from other leading Labour politicians, please?
Decoding Theresa May's Brexit Speech and What it Means for Fashion https://t.co/fWPVG0AW8O via @BoF
RT @paulwaugh: JP Morgan has warned investors that May's Brexit threats to the EU are 'very dangerous' + 'damaging' for UK jobs https://t.co/tEHlOeysgD
‘The FULL WORKS’ Leave campaigners praise Theresa May’s plan to push for ‘clean Brexit’ - https://t.co/AHYeGRGkp1 https://t.co/hdEHJFXTbO
May's Brexit threats are 'very dangerous', 'disruptive and damaging' to the UK - JPMorgan https://t.co/OvsM6S4Yal via @HuffPostUKPol
Willie Mays baseball card 2016 Topps #BB1 1952 Reprint by Autograph Warehouse https://t.co/PBn7ZWzKoS
RT @OurNHS_oD: "We need Jeremy Corbyn to keep true to his rhetorical opposition to #CETA and to instruct his MEPs to vote it down" https://t.co/zJ7oGa8tfH
RT @SheffSocScience: Great analysis of Theresa May's Brexit speech by our own @Cardwell_PJ in @ConversationUK today https://t.co/gYZr6T033X
RT @FrankRoss06: May's Brexit threats are 'very dangerous', 'disruptive and damaging' to the UK - JPMorgan https://t.co/i3ILed2AqK # via @HuffPostUKPol
RT @sid_staff: 今夜22時~、SSTV『スペースシャワーTV PLUS』にて「シドスペシャル」ミュージックビデオ特集が放送されます!観れる方は是非ご覧ください♪ ●リピート放送:1/21(土)27:30~
RT @PlayMusicJapan: #シド (@sid_staff)約 1 年ぶりのニューシングル「硝子の瞳」配信中!劇場版「#黒執事 Book of the Atlantic」の主題歌として書き下ろされた曲だよ。映画と曲の世界観を楽しもう。… https://t.co/TyN4ZXSusf
RT @MBN_Business: SME groups react to May’s Brexit speech: ‘It’s achievement that matters’ https://t.co/x0L43WnBZ9 https://t.co/Vc0d53I9Mf
RT @sstvplus: <今夜22時~>待望のニューシングル「硝子の瞳」をリリースしたシド。ロックからポップス、バラードまで数多くの楽曲をリリースしてきた #シド の魅力が詰まったミュージックビデオをまとめてオンエア! #スペシャプラス