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RT @SGouater: Pkoi qd une fille passe la nuit chez un gars, elle se sent obligée d'oublier un chvx, un gel intime, une brosse a dent etc..qui vs eduque mm
If a 2 year old can out witt from from a yellow house a president elect' state squads saids smoothen something dent to dent'
Seketul dent sedang berani mati follow dan follow 😂
@histoRy1337 @Harrisama @f_philippot elle a eu raison .... œil pour œil dent pour dent ;-)
RT @captainraffi: Woah!! Ding & Dent is a final nominee for Best Podcast in the Golden Geek Awards! My reaction this morning: https://t.co/wEYE3O6g1E
RT @dent_man8020: @dent_man8020 聖バレンタインの日に閣下のツイートが伸びてて嬉しいのでオマケに「閣下のよくわかる英会話講座」をのしておきます。歯磨きしていい悪夢をお楽しみください。 https://t.co/JpCTMhn99x
Dent two pa gani kapoy na kaayo ko, unsaon nalag naa nay clinics. Ambot
اللهم اهدني فيمن هديت وعافني فيمن عافيت وتولني فيمن توليت ♻️ https://t.co/GEDf4WW2g2
dent ege pdfleri hata veriyor -eğitim hayatımın sonu
Excellente prestation ce matin : prévention, maisons médicalesx2, maisons de répit, 100%rembt vue/audio/dent horizo… https://t.co/ZuYmSZli0T
How you can fix a dent in your car with boiling water https://t.co/AhoHqx6Rej via @MailOnline
@BYNEtemil Good bye dent. Hello Universe 🤗
Came home last night to find @JohnoMadgwick nursing a bleeding face, arguably stitchable wound, lump on head with matching dent in wall
RT @MedievalArtCam: Thank you Peter Dent for a fascinating lecture. Revelations included the concealment of prayers by sculptors inside… https://t.co/UUUmKf2rmn
@juudrt @ImJustMaeva ptdrrrrr chui morte le cure dent va se casser dans t n nez tu vas pas comprendre tu vas chopper une infection mdrrr
Looking for Gotham mains : ♤ Jim Gordon ♤ Harvey Dent ♤ Barbara Kean ♤ Lee ♤ Harvey Bullock ♤ Ivy ♤ Selina ♤ Bruce ♤ Alfred
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