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Transformation Tuesday ❤️😂 #newyearnewme #newhair @ Taupo Doggy Do's https://t.co/J2bVfsHNxC
this time last year and this time two years ago, josh and i have been away in taupo for my birthday. we’ve broken tradition :(
@pzurek Locations are Papamoa(ocean), McClaren falls!!!, Lake Rotoiti, super clear water is Taupo just after marina… https://t.co/Rg5LYNWmC7
@sponno This looks amazing. Are all those rock hopping spots around Taupo?
Equestrian Australia’s High Performance Program (EAHP) would like to invite all eligible athletes to submit an expr… https://t.co/vOQMEUoB3m
Week 2 Day 1 Activity 2 - T... https://t.co/ePXd6qvycd For this post I have to write down 3 people or friends who… https://t.co/bMd1YzsOvY
Who needs lover's lane? Right up on this rooftop, let's make love in the summer rain. #summerrain #summernz☀️… https://t.co/2auuHRhafc
RT @MaritimeNZ: 👍 We've stopped 34 boats so far during this 'No Excuses' patrol off Kaikoura. Look out for a team in your area! Thi… https://t.co/boRSwF7EuB
Taupo DeBretts Resort and Spa has just launched a spectacular new website. HPE is proud to have been a key partner… https://t.co/OPDx8MHZS0
@FlyAirNZ I’m not sure yet. I think we’ll probably arrive in Auckland and drive down to Wellington stopping in at h… https://t.co/GM3GX1AJ7V
RT @DJGeoRob: At the beginning of the mighty Waikato #hukafalls #waikato #wairakei #waikatoriver #northisland #newzealand… https://t.co/LsB8ooJl63
There really is some sensational racing in the @ToyotaRacingNZ series, and after the first race the competition is… https://t.co/krG34coBAR
@LakeSuperior lake taupo, our biggest lake!
Look who we met yesterday! Great to catch up with Joanna Kidson and thank you to Phillip Kidson for being the most… https://t.co/0hklQLn9aZ
Group swim and S&C starts tomorrow night Taupo people. $10 per person 15mins S&C followed by 45min openwater swim.… https://t.co/BJ4yKDO7cL
The brain-eating microbes NZ doesn't tell tourists about: the amoeba Naegleria fowleri lives in soil around hot po… https://t.co/8KpLcz7i8M
@cawkerdavid Going down to Matamata today then on to Wairakei and Kinloch in Taupo
SLJ: The Great Taupo Cycle Challange https://t.co/SQiJrCHwkz I would bring my Dad, because he loves riding and he a… https://t.co/ETjjkkrhwW
@ianmcque Reminds me of a rock somewhere on the drive between Tauranga and Taupo. Can’t remember the name though. W… https://t.co/1CXc1Ag8vm