Every day thousands of people elect to get a tattoo, but can not decide which design to use. It's a difficult decision unless you know what you want. Not only are there an unlimited number of tattoo designs available, you've got the permanency factor to overcome. In all likelihood, your new tattoo will be with you for life, so you've got to be certain that your choice of design will be as relevant to you years into the future as it is today.

RT @chloovaughn: tattoo fever is at a all time high rn
it always hits me out of nowhere cause i forget he has them.... and the chest tattoo why is it so hot to me
RT @LarryingLarry: Matching/complimentary tattoos is such a commitment. For example I would tattoo random shít on myself, but if someo…
@Tattoo_XXX_II 携帯邪魔なんだもんw
RT @alicecrumbs: SPARK Out April 5th. Cover design by Andrew Biscomb + Jamie Gregory, @scholasticuk. #SparkBook #UKYA #tattoo…
@sashaysion catch me hiring an actor to play my mom so i can go get a tattoo
RT @CapitalOfficial: Another day, another questionable @zaynmalik tattoo 🙃🙈
@LePubJames I was 16 when I got my first tattoo.. I just knew I was the shit
like this tweet if i should get a tattoo of a triceratops for absolutely no reason
RT @ddong_h73: 🎁 เราจะเอา Tattoo ไปแจกหน้าคอนนะ มีไม่เยอะ มารับกันไปๆ ขนาดเล็ก ติดหน้าได้ ว่าแต่มีคนอยากได้มั้ยนะ 😂…
RT @FDAWomen: Think before you ink! It takes one visit to get a #tattoo and 6-10 laser treatments to remove it.…
RT @joy083black: ดูสภาพแต่ละคน โอ้ยยย ไม่ให้นักได้ไง #ElyXioninBKK #ElyXioninBKKDay3
Wakanda Alphabet for my next tattoo. 🤔 Yes?
RT @LePubJames: how i felt when i got my first tattoo
Eclipse Tattoo Mermaid/Skull Plastic Flip Top Open 100s Size Cigarette Case
RT @thesundaysport: Man chops off his arm because he had a Jamie Carragher tattoo! LFC fan Tom Ward was so ashamed after the Sky TV pu…
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RT @HollieB: I don't want to spoil them all but there are *so many* of the original @yakuzagame tattoo designs by Horitomo-san o…
RT @coolguuyjack: woke up this morning with a penis henna tattoo on my hand.... guess you could say st paddy’s day was fun