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RT @Cas4d_dude: University Of Ghana Political Science Department said NPP will win you dey your office say NDC will win by 52.4% 😂😂😂😂
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@aimanNorpandi tak seboek tasha manshahar hahahahah
@rhzdhsn sure or not? Not sho laaa next week pls la? Aku lepak w tasha ok je bila plan dgn yazid mesti tak jadi urgh
RT @replyabIe: Keep your relationship lowkey but let people know you ain't available
RT @sbsince95: @tasha_afoa whatever is necessary lmao
@1705Belka я навіть не відчуваю цієї сесії😅
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Me and Tasha have to go buy light and a tree for our apartment
Just want one night of sleep without any dreams of any sort:(
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@tasha_afoa whatever is necessary lmao
Awww Siaosi do we need to put you in intervention again? 😂 https://t.co/KFXj4Sv3ec
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@1705Belka моя філософія проста, нафіг запарюватись якщо все не так вже і погано навчання це не основне. Тому у мене є час на сєріальчікі😊
RT @wtorres595: I liked a @YouTube video from @BeautyByTashh https://t.co/aBqCZMTAuM Get Ready With Me! Chit Chat | Tasha Castro
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