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RT @US_in_OH: .@Target You supported LBGTQ and yet you advertise on homophobic Breitbart?! Reconsider your ad buy.…
Why is everybody power going out so people get to go home EXCEPT TARGET 😭😭
Roberts, Target of Trump Jabs, Meeting Trump at Capitol - New York Times
被災地・岩手県釜石市から『仙人秘水』販売日本初非加熱天然地下水「仙人秘水」 【ギフト】にお使いいただくと、とっても喜ばれます。
RT @anadoluagency: Rocket attacks target police, Justice and Development (AK) Party HQs in #Istanbul, no injuries reported…
RT @RivalsFriedman: BREAKING: #Rivals100 DB @devonhunter11 has committed to #VirginiaTech. He talks about it here…
I was just thinking about the time I told my brother to "fuck off" in the parking lot of target when I was 6 years old. Story of my life.
Target e-KTP Jauh Dari Harapan Pemkab Sampang - Media Madura (Siaran Pers) #Sampang
Yes, I did go to target at 8:40 pm to purchase a copy of the game Scrabble.
Please RT #Win $50 your way!! GC? Target? Walmart? iTunes? Best Buy? PayPal? Single Blog #Giveaway!! 1/31/2017
RT @BestmannLab: Meanwhile, targeting with #tDCS based on current flow direction in the target region
RT @iankitvora: Why only Hindu Nationalist & @BJP4India supporters are target by @TwitterIndia ?? Restore the @Modifier08…
RT @iankitvora: @TwitterIndia why @narendramodi supportes & followers are target ? Why Mr. Pramod Singh 's account suspended?? Rest…
@theliz13 @asymbina But I doubt it's like "In today's meeting of harassment club, item one on our agenda: who's our next target?"
@therealroseanne Can u hear em in jail "call soros!He SAID he'd get me out!"😂Sure,beg the exact officers u target daily n refuse to support
RT @JMPoirotLove: Target please stop advertising on Breitbart! @Target @slpng_giants. It's a racist site.
RT @AsYouNotWish: Target isn't Jalikattu. Target is everything Indian. While our festivals are being demonized, Arab style mass-slaughter of bovines is fine.
@uncoolmen 昨日はありがとー! またすぐ行こね(☝ ՞۝՞)☝
RT @Phillylaw7: Sorry I called you Shia LaBeouf at Target, but you were acting aggressively irrational when the cashier asked for your zip code.
RT @Newsweek: We know you have questions about the 'Deploraball' that took place last night, and we have answers…
Are you using Facebook ads to drive action for your business? Here's a list of data points you can use to target >>
@soniandtv sorry this is not for delhi vs chennai, our target is save #jallikattu.
RT @TonyaTedesco: @Target - given your strong support of LGBT rights, can't believe you want to support Breitbart. @slpng_giants can…
Yes. And don't forget a "shoe target" too.