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The Best New Dramas in Theatres: From ‘The Best of Enemies’ with Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell to ‘The Mustang’ w… https://t.co/hTiTln11ix
RT @SylviaObell: Say what you will about Tyler Perry’s movies but he’s given a lot of black actors the breaks they needed and a lot… https://t.co/2EaHbVygvC
I love that casting directors have that lovely Ajionah actress play young Taraji in all these projects.
amo a cookie de empire mas não da pra negar que a personagem da taraji carrega um puta estereótipo de preta barraqu… https://t.co/SeUm6VduwU
RT @ParamountUK: Don’t miss the hilarious new comedy starring Taraji P. Henson (@TherealTaraji) and Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella).… https://t.co/1uQXGmVGzP
@DBriaBradshaw Tyler needs to be ashamed. Taraji, too. That was a hot steaming mess.
Taraji tripping omg
Am I crazy for understanding Taraji in Acrimony?
This movie is next level Terrible. And it's ain't Aunty Taraji's fault either.
@WhyAstinRocks I just wish someone could have run the narration through Normalize on Audacity. It sounded like they… https://t.co/uQQ9pizHtT
I need Taraji to leave Empire like she left Person of Interest and do something new.
Bitch Taraji said you a motherfucking loser 😩😂🤦🏽‍♀️
RT @JUMPCUT_ONLINE: "Funny at times, but not nearly as funny as the film thinks it is" @ElenaM52's ★★½ review for #WhatMenWant, starri… https://t.co/L55wYgzJP1
RT @Phoenix1924: @irishvixen21 Ps Spelt her name wrong. It's Taraji P Henson!
Out in #UK cinemas today and nearly twenty years after Mel Gibson's What Women Want comes Taraji P.Henson's What Me… https://t.co/Cf1JXJ2yMB
Taraji P. Henson Attends the Ralph Breaks the Internet Premiere in Hollywood https://t.co/5llWMHiSxY
Taraji said “using my tricks on that trick!” when her ex husband moved on in this movie😂😂😂😂
@irishvixen21 Ps Spelt her name wrong. It's Taraji P Henson!
Acrimony has to go down as the most predictable movie with the worst ending ever bruh.. complete waste of my tim… https://t.co/Do9ZKx9ejR
WHAT MEN WANT is very slight and fluffy as candy-floss but I laughed much more than I was expecting to, Taraji is a… https://t.co/I4gVc0fVHe
I might be late n all but last night I watched that movie when taraji played that crazy (regular in my eyes) black… https://t.co/zOs669gnmj