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RT @WhitePplQuote: Pronouncing Target "Tar-Jay"
RT @WhitePplQuote: Pronouncing Target "Tar-Jay"
If there’s anything I know my way around, it’s a target. (Tar-jay)
if you call it “Tar-JAY” i will cut you
Some extra ass shit at Tar-jay. https://t.co/60MdWL60vd
@chancetherapper please no andre, t like tar-jay
RT @ghettoisraelite: black ppl loving calling target, tar-jay 😂😂
black ppl loving calling target, tar-jay 😂😂
@chancetherapper In australia we call it going to House of Target (pronounced Tar-jay). Cause we fancy af down under.
a newly realized pet peeve of mine ... when someone says “tar-jay” instead of target, and then laughs hysterically
RT @WhitePplQuote: Pronouncing it "Tar-Jay" not Target
Everyone at school tomorrow is gonna be so tan and I’m gonna be so white that I’ll be pronouncing Target as “tar-jay”
@Remixgodsuede Someone call Security, we don’t do those things in the Tar-jay!!
mostly Chick's call Target TAR-jay! ... #ya #boujee 💹
I still cannot get over this Tar-jay/JC Penney catalog look homegirl is rocking here! Wow... #SouthernCharm
@CNBC @news10nbc Tar-jay is Tar-white! Don't shop there!
We refer to that business as Tar-jay (The French pronunciation). I’d kick the dog but I love animals. How ‘bout I… https://t.co/MtZAZ0hAki