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looking @ my dog sleep & i just honestly love my dog so much it hurts my heart
RT @pbbpollnation: Mr & Ms Pbb of the month Tanner Mata Rt: 50 points ❤: 30 points Reply/ comment: 20 points Deadline : February… https://t.co/iw34wy6WqM
@tanner_vb considering that trump has full control of all three federal branches, 100 days should be more than enough to get an idea
RT @PBBKAHOUSE: "1pt si kuya Tanner. Sa lahat sia po ung hindi ko nakitaan ng sobra sobrang effort sa cheer leading po namin na task" Kisses #PBBFireRooster
@pbbpollnation NayNAy @Yassizzle the Real Queen with TayTay @mata_tanner his King
Oh tanner followed me 🙃 greeeeaaaatt now he can see my embarrassing tweets. I'm shook 🙃
@nxrthofparadise @FiveThirtyEight he has made his mistakes and needs to make up for them but he deserves a fair chance to do that
RT @PBBKAHOUSE: "1pt to yong. He doesnt put a lot of effort when we practice sometimes and distracts me from learning as well." Tanner #PBBFireRooster
@nxrthofparadise @FiveThirtyEight i never said they didn't matter i am just saying you should give him a little more time don't get me wrong
RT @pbbpollnation: Mr & Ms Pbb of the month Yassi Pressman Rt: 50 points ❤: 30 points Reply/ comment: 20 points Deadline : Febru… https://t.co/uc9wB3xWhl
RT @PBBKAHOUSE: "2pts to Jinri. When she breaksdown, everyone tries to help her and it distracts us from working together." Tanner #PBBFireRooster
RT @69Mccoy: Time check.... It's 5 in the afternoon! #Tanner https://t.co/20hvKXqcb2
RT @stjohnstone1884: Great stuff from David Tanner on Sky Sports. Craig Clay latest Motherwell player to come through academy. A 24-year-old signed from Grimsby.
RT @WWERollins: @Yes_Its_Tanner false. MOST of the actions were peaceful. What you see in memes and the media is far from the norm.
RT @xyJel15: What does it taste like? Hmmm tanner? Bakit may paganyan ka? https://t.co/y1OKinIigy
RT @MattGKSNT: Love this sequence by Topeka High! @Ky_Thomas goes behind the back, Jalen Wilson w/ the no-look pass, &… https://t.co/VOXm0BHwEf
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