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Does anyone out here in the either have a handheld recorder like a zoom h4/6 I might use for a night on... https://t.co/QpMY61ilSN
Valentines Day is under a month away - make your gift more personal this year with engraved initials, a name, or me… https://t.co/wS0vX3NWNb
@itvcorrie #TuesdayThoughts I’d like to see Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner back. Just brilliant, the spats between those two!
@fadzlykhasimi @ayyputeri Nan nampak muda ke kau yang nampak tua ni pali? Hahaha nampak kurus dan slightly tanner.
Please Support @bkover2012 Brian & Tanner Bar and Grill Donate Here - https://t.co/HU2t7KVbFw https://t.co/0Olt6dPIKS
RT @supershayne: It’s a pretty offensive stereotype that all straight white males have a podcast. We’re not all the same. Many of us… https://t.co/DKwZgK0eyZ
RT @UberFacts: There are 1,260 promises given in the Bible.
4-Faces Sunless Facial Self-Tanning & Touch-up Spray – Non Comedogenic Bronzing Tanner for Natural Sun-Kissed Glow https://t.co/vCcTzWgpwd
El United ve complicada la operación de Cristiano https://t.co/o2v5uBgufV https://t.co/KTqsoJE5fO
Summary on how my nights usually go: *gets off of work @ 1* *goes home & eats pizza rolls* *facetimes tanner*
RT @Chiba_Lotte: The Chiba Lotte Marines acquired INF Matt Dominguez and RHP Tanner Scheppers. Welcome to CHIBA! #chibalotte
@AlvaroNBAMartin ¿cuándo regresas a las narraciones junto con el @CoachCMorales ? Se te extraña un buen.
@antwon_tanner Wtf what's wrong with all these people. I'd rather see some nice butts in my feed instead of Trumps face all the time 😂
RT @sdfrowlands: A great day with the @ace_national museums team visiting @SSGreatBritain @mshedbristol @RWABristol and… https://t.co/fIxVR9FezO
RT @tayloralesia: Just made tanner eat vegetables for a video 😂😂😂😂