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@MMBinNC It will seem like no time once you get out. Tanks for bobs bb. Hope you are and will be well ;)
Einstein's View of Questions The important thing is not the numbers of tanks and 1,000 Frenchmen, in all parts of the three Services unitedl
Also I'm attempting to make the dish Egyptian Koshary for Sabbath lunch tomorrow. If the experiment tanks I will say nothing lol
Мне понравилось видео "World of tanks Blitz Форт встречный бой" (https://t.co/eND6r7KmFS)
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@dxhty hate the one we were playing, haven't got a fucking change against the tanks, I killed it tho last game
This stupid ass at the gas station is smoking right in front of the propane tanks
RT @JoyAnnReid: Trump's pronouncements about the criminality, intellect and fitness for cotizenship of unlawful migrants echoes the alt-right "think tanks."
@menongautham hai sir my name Sriramu worked in granite marketing manager your film is very interest for all film tanks
@Tzeriel @barkflight leather for tanks, really?
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Metroid Prime: Federation Force tanks after its launch in Japan https://t.co/OxVSlqmYZo Via Technobuffalo
Some Tips to help you get going in Tanks in the Battlefield 1 Beta https://t.co/v0bgF6tCW7
RT @TechnoBuffalo: Metroid Prime: Federation Force tanks after its launch in Japan https://t.co/1tyhmFXt1Z https://t.co/lZsop1vOLf
Out of the Abyss claims to be for 1st-level characters, but it's one-shotting 2nd-level tanks. Wizards, go home. You're drunk.
@Tim_Vickery Brasil Pelotas v Goias. SeriB game. Pretty entertaining game considering there were some big tanks on the pitch.
RT @LisaClapier: North Dakota’s homeland security removed water tanks and state-owned trailers from the Dakota Access Pipeline... https://t.co/tP6KKVwhcT
Win a WoTConsole Xbox One S or PS4, and Issue One of World of Tanks: Roll Out by @DarkHorseComics ! https://t.co/JLH17pet05 #wotdarkhorse
Metroid Prime: Federation Force tanks after its launch in Japan https://t.co/J2FEejcJek
RT @peta: No more orcas should have to die prematurely. Empty the tanks, #SeaWorld! #BalboaPark https://t.co/NeLcYdBGJA
RT @revodavid: Bayesian statisticians estimated size of WWII German tank force to within 20 tanks: https://t.co/rTkFqjmOZD
Also, wtf is up with people being so cocky w "we stood in front of tanks", pursing their lips n lighting up. Sit the fuck down.