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RT @NEORAM27: @Diego_Arria @jguaido Excelente @Diego_Arria por sus palabras de respaldo a nuestro presidente @jguaido!!💪 Apoyo n… https://t.co/YGy80BZAtf
RT @iElFilosofo: @a_matar @yramaravendano De cada 100 acciones de Guaidó considero que 90 o más han sido ACERTADAS. Pero la gente si… https://t.co/hxcW0PstMH
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: "Success comes in direct proportion to the number of people you help".… https://t.co/EgXGyVVr8H
RT @hansbadvi: Your donation Can change Someone Entire Life, This Ramadan donate For ARFoundation, so they can give quality educat… https://t.co/dsnLkUA5WN
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: If You Do Things well Do Than Better Be Doing, Be first Be Different, Be just.… https://t.co/dPnnKuRNcB
RT @anum_asif26: Please rise & do the needful, according your personal capacity. Let us unite to do something noble & worthy.… https://t.co/XGySiz5LWY
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: Believe You Can And You Are Halfway That… https://t.co/YE4YFMRmWx
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfilled his needs.… https://t.co/jRPaYglBc2
RT @Syeda__Emann: Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will do deeds of charity. For He loveth not creatures ungrateful and… https://t.co/dDLntVEgV3
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: Help others achieve their dreams You will achieve yours.… https://t.co/q3FTmmyG6R
RT @NidaZulfiqar15: If you have the power To give happiness plz do it because the world need this.… https://t.co/Hcs0xt4cON
RT @alexvzlalibre: Le informó al comisario @Simonovis que su verdugo quien lo sentenció injustamente, junto a los comisarios Forero, V… https://t.co/G18uj9Ovm5
RT @AbrishZain: Can't imagine one step of ur little goOdness can bring someone smile ❤️ #DonateForEidClothes https://t.co/gUIpdp9nZX
RT @anum_asif26: Zakat is not charity but an obligation. By giving Zakat, a Muslim is acknowledging that everything we have is Allah… https://t.co/zRIlUk43ex
RT @masroor_samra: Only a life lived to others is a life worthwhile. #DonateForEidClothes https://t.co/X2PrV6BSvG
RT @afsheen_mavi: that's the best way of attaining Closeness to Allah #DonateForEidClothes https://t.co/M5yPt6DYFU
RT @anum_asif26: Giving Zakat brings you closer to your God and increases your faith in Him #DonateForEidClothes https://t.co/gE2YCjEc7G
RT @AbrishZain: Help the needy present around them and participate in buying their happiness .. plz #DonateForEidClothes https://t.co/0X7TdpTF7m
RT @hansbadvi: A mind at peace, a mind centered and focused on helping others in need is stronger than any other physical force in… https://t.co/W9ic2gocrN
How we give is much important than how much we give To whom we give is another important fact Live for others Do… https://t.co/x2Xx7p0pyB
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"He is just protective over me-” “Not protective, Tania. Consumed.” “I just don’t know how I’m going to survive y… https://t.co/0ahWIlpcbP
RT @asierbijoux: Sin embargo, el Comité de Derechos Humanos admitió el testimonio de Lupiáñez y recuerda que " la tortura no puede j… https://t.co/8431cVSP6O