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@thecherness Blades of Glory or Talladega Nights
https://t.co/izv9j0uMvO The man was a legend in the sport. He created the Jeff Gordon Rainbow scheme, Bobby Allison… https://t.co/naqn79egJO
@ouddin No, I’m sorry, this is a very bad list. It’s disqualified automatically for even including Talladega Nights… https://t.co/kPCtlG3XIZ
@NASCARONFOX This looks like a scene from Days of Thunder or Talladega Nights.
@boydston_v @DonCheadle Let me guess. Your favorite movie is Talladega Nights.
RT @NascarChuck336: Will there be another 'Big One' wreck at #Daytona500 ? There aren't enough cars left but we could have a Talladega nights one!
@RLJATC It almost ended like Talladega Nights!
@MattWalshBlog That’s pretty good. You forgot Talladega Nights, though they are some liberal POS’ @Hunter_Rod9 @spizz_nwin
@NASCARONFOX insane and almost was reminiscent of the end scene of Talladega Nights.
I want that “we’re gonna start makin animal noises” in Talladega Nights kinda love
@davidaldridgedc I was switching channels and ran across it during the crash wirh two laps to go. I thought I was… https://t.co/kNxW8lhVSE
Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers. Basically any Will Ferrell movie. https://t.co/YIb1yn2GBG
@MattWalshBlog 1) Talladega Nights 2) Horrible Bosses 3) Horrible Bosses 2 4) seven Psychopaths
@MattWalshBlog 1 Top gun 2 Talladega nights 3 step brothers 4 rocky 3, 4, 6 tie 5 Austin powers 🤣🤣🤣🤣😃
@LunchJournals Vettel could make Talladega Nights come true lol
@12thMax @sharonabraham I wanted to see an ending like the end of Talladega Nights. Hamlin and Logano running for t… https://t.co/0vsJbxs37J
Better than Talladega Nights 🔥 https://t.co/1lLskfX1xX
@KwadeSays You haven't seen Talladega nights??
RT @RobTatum303: The #Daytona500 broadcast just made a Ricky Bobby joke and then one lap after the restart, there's a gigantic pileu… https://t.co/OV4DFGBSEu
RT @NascarChuck336: Turns out I was WRONG about that one, they DID have one more 'Big One' in them! This may well be a Talladega Nights… https://t.co/xoyVW35tAY
@kylepetty are they going to run to the finish line “talladega nights” style?
@CrankyClair @KrankySports No 42. No Grand prix. No Rudy. Days of thunder > Talladega nights. Field of dreams way too low.
Talladega Nights in real life https://t.co/5aNlmc7wZk